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H1B Extension, job description change

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Hello Friend,

This is my 4th extension from the same company. I have around 17 yrs of experience and 1th year in the same company.  I am originally Civil Engineer but since finishing my engineering, i jumped to IT so my total experience is in IT only.  My original boss was Indian and he was laid off in pandemic but new manager is American and he doesn't know the process much. He Attorney sent him questionnaire to fill everything form employer side. There is a section JOB DESCRIPTION where all the job duties and skills needed is already there form previous extension. When he showed me the job desc and it was very generic. Anybody can qualify so just to avoid competition, someone suggested me to change job desc with little more skills and more duties. Spoke to Attorney and they said its fine to change. But i know that there are many queries due to change in job desc. This job desc will be used to file LCA and then this LCA will be used to file actual H1B. 

My question is, shall I change that generic job desc Actually its employer's job but just assisting my manager to fill the right duties.  Will it create any problem in H1B extension? Same job desc is used for past 3 extension and no change but i know that some new rules came in 2017 regarding specialty occupation. Just dont want to land there. Due to Civil engineering with IT background, can i face any issue if we change job desc?

Please suggest.

Thanks in advance. 

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Since you are assisting your manager I feel you can send job desc to manager,

Due to Civil engineering with IT background - RED flag but somehow you made in previous cases and I feel you can make this time also with proper documentation.

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It is a good idea to get your education + work experience evaluated.   You can always take a second opinion (from another attorney) regarding the change in job description.

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