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LCA from diff state

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here's the situation - changed employer from A to B back in 2016 & I was asked to join at client location in X state & joined as well but when my new employer filed my LCA it was filed for state Y. Now that my H1 is due for extension & also changing work location in the same state where I started that's state X. We realized that my LCA is from different state that's from state Y. I have been getting my salary where I joined that's in state X since I joined in 2016, so if I file my extension/amendment for state X will there be any issue? what would be the right path for me? Should I go and start working from state Y? or remain in state X work remotely & file extension/amendment both together. Request to please help!!!

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You should discuss your predicament with a lawyer. One cannot have an LCA for one location and go and work elsewhere as wages vary all over the country.

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