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  3. Hi everyone, Got H1B in 2017 , and started working in USA with i-94 dated as valid till Sep-2019.Later company B filled a transfer but got denied so back to india in sep-2018. Now I am in India, company C Willing to file a petition, so am I need to go for Visa stamping if I got 797B approval before sep-2019. Or I can fly back to US without stamping as having valid i-94 till sep-2019. Thanks in for you feedback.
  4. No issues.. they can come with GC (you can send card with known friends or your self).
  5. I am also on the same page, could some one reply, YES or NO?
  6. Hi My current H1B is in RFE and they asked for Specialty Occupation and Availability of Work. My Employer or Attorney is going to respond for RFE. But now i have an offer from another company and they are ready to transfer my H1. Here my question is what is the risk factor in filing H1B transfer when current H1 is in RFE. Is it suggestible to go for H1B transfer now?
  7. Shyam Srinivas

    H1B Extension with valid I94

    My original H1 petition got approved in 2017 for a period of 3 yrs untill 08/31/2020. Got my visa and my dependents visa stamped till 08/31/2020 and entered US and currently in US. Hence I94 shows validity untill 08/31/2020. But i had to file for a location transfer amendment in Feb 2018 and my original petition validity got reduced from Aug 2020 to Dec 2018 (based on SOW end date given at the time of filing location transfer amendment). Now, my company has filed for an H1 extension in Dec 2018 for me and it is still under process by USCIS. Question: 1. In my case, since the I94 still shows Aug 2020, the 240 day rule will not apply to me, correct? 2. Even if USCIS takes 1 year to adjudicate, i can continue to stay and work in US, right?
  8. Samit1979

    H4 for Canadian citizen wife

    Thank you so much for the above information. When I apply for my H1B extension, the company that I work for usually recommends filing the spouse's H4 alongwith. In this case, when I file for the extension for me and her, would her existing H4 be extended too? Also - after my extension gets approved, if I go to India with her for stamping my passport in the US consulate in India, will my wife's passport be stamped in India too? Appreciate your help.
  9. Yesterday
  10. gopalakrishnach

    H1B Stamping in Calgary, Canada

    It would help others if you can post your experience in a seperate post. Please help others by sharing. Can you please let me know how many other visa interview candidates you saw today?
  11. Hi, This is Srini from Raritan,NJ. I am in a very troubled situation now with my wife and 3 month old daughter. 1) I was laid off by my company A last month. Reason is they lost the project to another vendor. They did not have any other in my skillset. Being in a desperate situation of given a month prior notice I tried looking for employer. A big consulting firm gave me offer and filed petition few days before my last day.Though they denied to file in PP and I had no other choice but to join. My petition and i94 with A was till 2022 Jan. Stamping expired. Upon joining I could find that they have hired me based on some future role which did not get matured. They have roles and positions in same location but for other clients but they know my case is pending and they wont be able to support further if RFE comes. I was initially thinking of reporting to USCIS under whistle blower provision, reveal everything and seek for help.But frankly we are too weak to fight. Specially when I have to think of my family. Now yesterday suddenly one perspective employer expressed interest and is ready to transfer my petition directly. Though they are unaware of my recent job and situation. Given the scenario what are my options:- 1) As I am still under 60 days grace period since last job gone, should I just ask to transfer with my petition A? and if C gets approved resign B and start working for C? 2) wait for H1b RFE and start accepting other client roles, once denied go back to India, Re apply ,re stamp and come back with same employer? I am not sure in that case from my last company till rejection I would be considered " in status or " out of Status" and would complicate my chances for further approval or entry in US? Please advice. Also let me know in this scenario out of status is considered from date of rejection or date of filing? Regards, Srini
  12. Hi, I got a Full Time position and they said that they received the email for LCA but waiting for it to be certified. I know it does take 7 business days for the LCA to be certified. But After submitting the LCA online through portal do we get the Case number same day or after few days? And after getting the case number how many days will it usually take for it to be certified? Regards,
  13. Hello.. Can we apply H1 Transfer while another transfer in Progress ? Here is my case I was working for company A, my project ended in Feb 2019 and they paid one month Salary till March end. They terminated me as of March 29, 2019. I have I94 valid till Oct 2020. I got 2 job offers Company B, C during the bench period. I accepted Company C offer but they are delaying the Transfer process so I accepted Company B to keep my status active and also have pay roll. Company B filed H1 Transfer regular processing and I started working for them beginning Apr 8th (One week after the termination). Company C came back now is ready to file my Transfer in Premium. Is it okay for Company C to file H1 transfer while Company B's transfer petition is pending. I am planning to join Company C if the transfer gets approved. Will this Impact anything in future with respect to Immigration law. Is there a better way to handle this situation. Thanks
  14. dprasad

    H1b amendment +extension

    Hi Team, I have applied for amendment for B location and some x client and recently i have submitted extension for same location ,same client.My h1b validity till June 15 2019.If my amendment got rejected and extension is in pending state ,then can i stay in same location after June 15th?(I.e until i get extension response)
  15. Hello Everyone, I recently converted from H1 to H4 as I am completing 6 years on H1-B. H4 started 2 weeks prior to H1 expiry date. H4-EAD was approved from same day and my employer accepted EAD so I am continuing to work at same client location and same employer. My current employer is also processing my green card and labor is expected to be filed by June or so. Now, I am planning India trip and have few questions. 1. Am I eligible for dropbox or I have to go for consular processing? Either way, is there a risk considering I am still working on EAD and may have labor filed on my behalf by then. 2. What documents do I need to carry? Do I need to print wedding photos or family photos as well? Do I need to carry husband's approved I-140 based on which I applied for H4 EAD? 3. I dont have stamp for my last H1-B (which is about to expire). Will that be issue? 4. My husband does not have stamp for his latest H1-B on his passport. Will this be issue? 5. If my husband is also accompanying for India trip (we are still thinking), do we both have to go together for visa processing? or he has to get stamping done first?
  16. My case is on premium mode. RFE response has been filed on 24th April . My 240 days is expiring on 27th April 2019. Please let me know if i have to leave US or can stay in grace period of 30 days on LOP
  17. How does this amount to fraud? When you are going for the stamping, you are legally employed with Employer B with the payroll running.
  18. DS-160 is only valid for 30 days from the date you create it. So make sure you edit DS-160 before 30 days or else it will be gone. If you cannot do that fill a new DS-160 form and you can update the new number during finger printing. They will update it for you.
  19. I am currently on f1 Visa and graduating in May. I have an offer from a company A and It has filed my H1B this April. Now I got a good offer by employer B which I want to accept. I Am ready to withdrawn H1b from current employer. My new employer B ready to file H1B for me next year. Can employer A withdraw my application and what can be the consequences of that? Will this affect my F1/OPT status?
  20. Better to find a new employer and transfer.
  21. Hi, I plan to travel to Mexico during Thanksgiving this year. However, my H1B visa is only stamped till March 2020. During my travel in November I will have less than 6 months on my visa validity. Will that cause any issue at port of entry while returning to USA? Thanks! Deb
  22. Hello Friends, I am on H1B visa which is approved till Mar 2020. I travelled to Cancun,Mexico this month and while returning from Cancun, Southwest didn't allow me to do online checkin day before. I had to check in manually on the day of travel. Has anyone passed the same issue while travel to Mexico on Southwest? Thanks! Deb
  23. This week, Murthy Law Firm attorneys will answer questions regarding the E-2 Investor Visa. Rules for Topic of the Week Threads: 1. Attorney's postings contain general information only and are not a substitute for case-specific legal advice. 2. The attorney will answer only those questions which relate to the main subject. If you have a question on some other issue, please start a new thread in the appropriate forum section. 3. The attorney will not necessarily answer every question posted and may provide a single answer to a group of similar questions. 4. Please do not provide information which would identify any specific company, university or individual.
  24. Hello, I have a F4 GC petition. My father is the beneficiary and I am the dependent. We have recently received welcome letter and I want to know how to get Police Clearance Certificate? Situation: I am currently in US on Student Visa (Located in Maryland). My parents are in India. They have completed their process to get PCC. I want to know how do I initiate this process, since I am not in India. My plan is to go for "change of status" when our visa number becomes current. Please explain the process and list of required documents. Thank you!
  25. In addition to the above link the following may be helpful: https://www.murthy.com/2019/04/03/i-am-in-h1b-status-and-am-in-the-process-of-applying-for-a-green-card-if-a-doctor-gives-me-a-prescription-for-medical-marijuana-will-that-impact-my-green-card-case/ To discuss the situation in more detail, it is advisable to speak to one of our attorneys experienced with these issues.
  26. The following link may help to answer your questions in this regard: https://www.murthy.com/2014/11/17/serious-immigration-consequences-for-marijuana-despite-state-law-changes/
  27. Hi, My current H1B maxout date is on 05-Jun-19 and I-94 expires on 15-Jun-19. I have EB-1 I-140 approved (which can't extend my stay to file I-485) and waiting for current date to file I-485. To extend my valid stay, I filed H1-B to L1-A conversion and got RFE. My company will file RFE response. Should I keep my H1-B 30 days buffer (15-May-19) and leave from US to file my I-485? or Should I wait for my L1-Conversion RFE response until my max out date? Please suggest. Thanks.
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