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  3. Ahir

    H1b Rfe Speciality Occupation QA Analyst

    Here what I submitted and got approved, when I got an same RFE, but I am not a QA person, you can do similar too : a) DO NOT change an original job duties or add more. What you can do is, on those 10 job duties, write an details of those duties , what they are and why you're the best suit for it for each job duties. b) you should not change/tweak your job duties you already submitted. Just give more details for each. afterwards, list some of your course with details (what they are and what you learned) and linked those courses with your 10 job duties. And also, show the % of each job duties you're performing on daily basis, which should met 100% at the end of the day.
  4. Hi everyone, Thank you so much for the information in advance. I got H1B for 3 years in 2016 valid till Sep-2019. Started working in US from Feb 2017 for Company A, and in 2018-Jan switched to company B on receipt number. Company B transfer got denied in Sep-2018 and also company A withdrawn around in March-2018. So came to India and working for the same company B from offshore. Now company B is filing H1B cap Exempt, so if i got approval notice do i need to go for stamping or is it just drop box process?
  5. alohausababy

    I have credit cards

    I am thinking about getting a business credit card, I do not really intend to start a business. Business credit cards have great benefits. I am on OPT. Will they access my credit card history during H1-B interview or green card interview later?
  6. Hima Bindu

    BCom and MBA Finance RFE for speciality occupation

    Hari - I am facing same issue now. Please let me know how can I get in touch with you.
  7. Hi Jonny, I am also in the same boat. my I-140 application is rejected due to incorrect fee and now I see my Perm validity of 180 days are expired to re-submit I-140. I would appreciate your help on this. Thanks in advance.
  8. shansksg

    Revoked H1B, am I eligible for Cap Exempt?

    Yes.you are eligible for cap-Exampt in future.you can find for the new employer with Cap Exampt for premium processing to get for the new approval notice then travel back to USA.
  9. Hello All, I first went to USA in Jan 2014 and had to return in Jan 2018 after H1B extension was declined, while the perm was in process. Almost 4 years of H1B used. I have my i140 approved more than 6 months now and the a cap exempt H1B was also approved/stamped in May 2019 till sept 2020. However, now my organization is not having the role they applied the visa for? What are my options- 1. Till when can I join new organization? Any points to be careful about changing organization? 2. Does it has to be same technological stack or can be a different technology? 3. Some say after sept 2020 one will need to go through lottery, some say one can use remaining time from 6 years. Please help.
  10. Hi, ‘I started my h1b from October 2018, I was on opt before, so they applied as a change of status. I was doing my masters I haven’t graduated yet so at the time of application they applied through my undergrad degree. I haven’t completed my masters yet. But it will be done by the end of this year or the start of next year. But due to a family constraint I have to got to India during November by which time I won’t receive my masters degree yet. But if I got to India I have to go for stamping and I am afraid that my unfinished masters degree will be a problem. Can you please clarify me and I want to know what I can expect during the Stamping procedure. Regrds, bessie
  11. Nag1212

    H4 EAD no receipt /checks not cashed

    Update: immigration attorney suggested to raise a ticket ( which I already did) and follow up with uscis. Because there is nothing much to do without receipt for a lawyer. FYI : missing receipt notice cases increased after biometrics was added, according to attorney.
  12. Yesterday
  13. FYI, My Employer filed H1B Petition as Change of Status.
  14. Background: I am in F1 Stem opt EAD valid till Jan 2021. Working as a software Engineer (As a contractor) H1 Visa , got picked in lottery and responding to RFE by next week. My Wife already have two F1 Visa rejections. Query: 1) If incase my H1B is approved, Can i share the documents(approval letter) and ask my wife to attend H4 Visa Interview. Or its mandatory for me to finish stamping first before applying for H4 ? 2) Apply for H4 visa interview and scheduling both H1 stamping and H4 visa interview at the same day is a better option ? 3) My Wife's Two F1 visa rejection will have any impact on H4 decisions ?
  15. @GCoderThankyou so much.
  16. Hi, I'm also in the same boat. I was charged with petty larceny 2 days back in Virginia and my court date is after 1 month now , i'm in search of a good criminal attorney can you guys please share your experiences with the attorney search and what points need to take in consideration while choosing attorney and after choosing attorney. Kindly please help me.
  17. Hello, I have a few questions regarding my H1B amendment denial. I have an approved I797 and I94 until May 2021 for working at client C1 through Vendor V1. In 2018 I moved to a different location to work at client C2 through vendor V2 and applied for amendment for which I got an RFE in June2019. The reason stated" Right to Control and Services in a Speciality Occupation at a third party Off-site" . The RFE response was sent addressing work availability and employe-employer relationship. The amendment was denied. My questions are: 1. Is my status valid. If so is it until May2021 or do I have grace period. 2. What are my options if I wish to continue at client location C2. Should I change my employer and file a new petition? 3. Can I file a new petition with same employe and vendor V2 at client C2?what are the chances of approval. Thank you.
  18. modi109

    H1b Transfer

    Hi, I am on Opt right now and My H1B is picked, also received RFE. I am currently working for company A who have sent me Laid-off notice with final employment date of October 17. But they have agreed to respond my RFE response. Fortunately i received an offer from different company. (company B) Assuming that RFE got approved. My question is can i do an H1b Tranfer with my 1st pay stub of Company A (with H1b Status) which will generate on October 15 . In such Scenario, when that company B applies for an H1B transfer petition after my 1st pay stub, is one pay stub enough for submitting to USCIS.? Will there be any problem?!
  19. AparnaV

    H4 with DUI

    Hello All Do we need to take certified court docs for h4 visa interview ? I am on f2 and need to go for H4 visa interview . Thanks
  20. Anitha KS

    New H4 application query

    Hello, My husband is in US on H1B and I am planning to file for a H4 visa. His company doesnt sponsor H4 , so we will be doing it on our own. I will need to quote my husband's petition number. Could you please let me know if I 129 form needs to be resubmitted by amending his marital status ? This would generate a new petition number I guess. What is the fee to resubmit I 129 form please ? What other documents are required please ? Any help on this would be highly appreciated. I have checked the ******* website , but I wanted to understand from some one who has filed this recently to get first hand information.Thanks in advance. -AS
  21. pontevecchio

    H1B Cap (140 approved 10 years back, out of country)

    1. Your question is vaguely worded. Most likely you will not need to apply via the H1 lottery.
  22. Hi, Please provide me your advice of the following. I am working with employer A on a H1B visa with I-797 and I-94 valid until Oct-2020. My dependents on H4 visas currently in US also had their I-94 and stamped visa valid until Oct-2020. I joined employer B and they completed my H1 transfer and I have also received the approval notice. The I-797 and I-94 with employer B are valid until Nov-2020. Do i need to do a change of status for H4 dependents since the H4 is valid until Oct-2020 and that I can apply for change of status using I-539. In the meantime ? Employer A has sent a notice to revoke my previous H1B with them, valid until Oct-2019. 1. Please let me know if I should apply for I-539 change of status for my dependents or should I not worry about it until it is due to expire in Oct-2019 . 2. Are the H4 dependents considered out of status since I changed my employer and did not apply for I-539? 3. Will Employer A revoking my H1B impact the status of my H4 dependents since they had applied for the dependents H4 visas. i saw some mixed response on different forum for similar situation . thank you all for your time and for all your responses in advance.
  23. roger.slc

    I-140 transfer questions

    Hi, I have couple of questions. I got my I-140 (application which has stamp of approval) through USCIS Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act. I do not have the I-140 I797 approval notice . My employer is not willing to share it with me. 1) Can a new employer apply my I-140 based on what i have from USCIS Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act ? I have worked as senior software engineer, software engineer and programmer for 10 years now. I have worked on various technologies and programming languages like ruby on rails, php and most recently Go lang (programming language) . I have I-140 as a computer programmer. If i change jobs now and apply for I-140 (new/transfer) 1) will my priority date remain same if i apply as software engineer or senior software engineer ? 2) Does me shifting programming languages matter ? experience letters all say what i worked on over the years. 3) When i apply for new/transfer I-140 does USCIS care about me changing programming languages ? 4) My new employer most likely will not give me Go lang (programming language) experience letter (3 years). Does that matter when applying for new/transfer I-140 ? I am on H1 and paystubs to prove i worked and was paid.
  24. Hi If a person is sentenced to a 9 months DUI probation but H1B max out date is within 6 months of sentencing. What recourse does he/she has to avoid probation violation and not overstay H1B ?
  25. deegees78

    L1a Stamping

    HI Law firm, 1. My first visa to US was L1A blanket, and when i got an extension till sep 2020 after POE, is the visa status got changed to L1a individual? (attached my approved petition.) 2. I came back to india due to fathers expiry and appearing/awaiting for stamping at chennai location. what are the documents i have to get ready for the stamping? to avoid the 221g... are there an complicity in getting the visa stamped? the location mentioned in I129 is the same Regards. -deegees L1A approval Notice-492019_20190704003746.pdf
  26. Hi, My H1B application received RFE and we have responded to the RFE. While USCIS is reviewing my RFE response can I transfer my sevis to do my 2nd masters. Will my H1B application get impacted due to my SEVIS transfer to another university? I am under cap gap which is valid till 30th September. FYI filled premium on August 15th but need to transfer sevis by 23rd August. That is why need to understand if I can transfer sevis without impacting my H1B application- with RFE response which is under review by USCIS and I do not anticipate I will hear back before 23rd August. Any response will be really appreciated.
  27. Hello, We applied for my dads GC. AOS is pending. Is there anyway to expedite AP? What is the time frame when AP is approved usually?
  28. Last week
  29. I was laid off from my last job with company A (EC model) on 03/11/2019 (was informed about it on 01/11/2019). I was paid regular pay till 03/11/2019 after that one lump sum severance. I had a petition filed by employer B (EVC model) on 3/8/2019 but they wouldn't agree on me starting a bit late (because one of my parents was critically ill). Then I had employer C file for a transfer on 3/28/2019, converted to PP end of April. I started working for a employer C (EVC model) on H1B receipt from 05/06/2019 at client site (a major Wall St Bank). Employer C received an RFE and responded to it on 08/01/2019. USCIS denied it on 08/15/2019. We still don't have a hard copy of the denial. My I-94 (from approved petition with employer A) is valid till Jan 2020. I have a B.Tech is Electronic from India , 13 YOE in Software Application Development and H1B Wage level is 4 (> $137k per year) in NYC. I-140 approved from 2014. Been in the US since 2008, no RFE/denials on any of the previous petitions. Have a Visitor visa for US and Canada. First H1B was thru lottery (since I don't have masters didn't request a cap exempt) Question: 1. What were your options after the denial? Does is help that my I-94 from the previously approved H1B petition ( by previous employer ) is still valid for a few more months? 2. Do I stop working at the client location effective immediately ( after receiving email notification) ? or when we receive the full documentation of denial from USCIS ? 3. Can I start working again with my employer C at client location if Employer C refiles the H1B petition on receipt or do I have to wait for the approval now ? 4. Since my I-94 is still valid I am assuming I don't have to leave the country right away, am I right ?
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