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  2. User099

    What's the latest PERM should be filed in H1B ?

    There is no such requirment to start PERM before the 3rd year, but my question is how are you able to maintain the PD when you moved to Company B in 2016 when the EO to maintain the PD came into effect in 2017.
  3. User099

    Incorrect I-94, new passport, H1B transfer

    Your new passport number should bring up the latest I94. It looks to me like some kind of a mistake or error. You should reachout to CBP to have this fixed.
  4. Hello It will be great if someone can post a reply for this. I have my H1-B extension approved last month. My spouse H4 extension (I-539) is under processing and currently under Bio-Metrics. H4 EAD (I-765) needs to be renewed but i am not able to do it because H4 extension (I-539) is still under processing. Can I apply for (I-765)H4-EAD renewal with pending H4 Visa (I-539) Receipt Notice ?
  5. JoeF


    Since you didn't start working on the H1 nor have gotten an H1 visa stamp you are not considered counted for the quota. A new employer would have to file in next year's quota.
  6. arora.suresh

    Consular Processing of Immigrant Visas

    @Dhananjay46My mother received her immigrant visa on feb 6 2020. but due to covid-19 and international flights canceled, she is unable to travel from india to us. and her immigrant visa is expiring soon. Were you able to travel to the USA before flights were suspended from india?
  7. startup_founder

    Visa options for Startup founders

    Hi, I am an Indian citizen and Indian resident. I am planning to incorporate a company in the US. We have investors committed to putting money into the company (about US$ 500,000). We don't plan to have any Indian subsidiary. In this scenario what are the visa options that are available for me to move to the US, work there and build my business? Thank you.
  8. Is your status updated, if so how many days does it took to update the status. As I am also in the same boat.
  9. Hi Checking to see if anyone faced this situation. Below are my filing dates 07/10/2019 - Filed in regular processing 02/07/2020 - Upgraded to PP 2/19/2020 - received RFE 5/07/2020- Responded to RFE 5/11/2020 - USCIS Website updated that Received the RFE Response and 15 day clock has been started. Today is 24th day and there is no update on the case status on the USCIS website. The latest status shown is 05/11/2020 RFE Response received. Is there any one who filed the Response in Premium processing at Vermont service Center and is there any update on there case status. My 240 day period has been expired on May 6th 2020, Could you please advice your suggestions on this on how to proceed.
  10. My understanding is that the OP is not in Canada, he is on H1 in the US. The Canadian university offers the program remotely. While on H1 in the US a person can of course enroll in a university, no matter where that university is, and study remotely. However, a PhD program requires fulltime studying, and that + working full-time on H1 is pretty much impossible, mentally and physically. Neither studying for a PhD nor working on the H1 level are mindless burger flipping, and the day only has 24 hours.
  11. JoeF

    Left US but received Stimulus payment

    No, it was by mistake. To send out stuff quickly, IRS just looked at the tax payments of people in the last 2 years, and if that was below a certain threshold they sent out payments. That resulted in people like the OP receiving a check, but also people who died in the last year got checks (they didn't file a tax return last year...) IRS has said that these payments have to be returned.
  12. JoeF

    H1b job change and Health Insurance

    Yeah, COBRA is always available when changing jobs, regardless of employer. It is, however, rather expensive, because there is no employer-negotiated group policy. The other option would be the ACA, aka ObamaCare.
  13. Hello, I used to work for Company A, who filed my H1B last year under consular processing. The H1B was approved but was never stamped. I was recently laid off by my employer due to COVID'19 situation. Till now, I have been on STEM OPT, which is valid till June 2021. My question is will my new employer have to file a new H1B petition, which will again have to go through the lottery or will my petition be exempt from lottery since it has already been through lottery once? I have received mixed answers from lawyers till now, with some saying yes and some saying no. Has anyone been through similar scenario or has any knowledge regarding the matter? Thanks
  14. Leavemessageh1b

    H1b job change and Health Insurance

    COBRA is a law. You may still keep the plan, but premium (probably without employer's negotiated price) has to come out from your pocket.
  15. Hi I am in a similar situation what happened to your RFE?
  16. Ramadan

    Laid off from work

    Hi i am on H1b visa working full time my employer informed last day of my work would be june 12th and will withdraw H1B visa after that I was on Furlough From April to May with 2 weeks interval (together 6 weeks of furlough paid in 50 %) so now will the grace period of 60 days is available or will the furlough days too count for grace period time
  17. Yesterday
  18. Hi ThePhy, Can you share your experience after taking the class and getting your charges dropped by DA. Were you fingerprinted? What happened during visa stamping and port of entry. Please share your post pre-trial diversion experience as I am in similar boat.
  19. sunnydeol111

    H1B stamping experience with arrest record

    What happened to your case. I am in the same boat as well. I still have the arrest record but no guilty plea, no charges were filled, never convicted. Just one 647B related arrest. Please help with your experience around h1b stamping and POE.
  20. Hello everyone, I got arrested and cited for CA PC 647B. DA told me to attend a pre-trial diversion program inorder for them to drop the charges altogether. I am thinking to take the diversion class ASAP. Is that a good idea? They will fingerprint me and this arrest will be on my record with no charges, no guilty plea no conviction of any sorts. just an arrest record. How this will affect my future visa stamping in home country and POE implications of this? I am so worried. Please help .
  21. Why were you not fingerprinted before DA dropped the charges? If you were not fingerprinted then you should not have any issues at POE.
  22. Mine also sent on 22may, uscis received it on 26may, still waiting on the receipt. Any update on yours?
  23. Ok, I think I may be confusing a lot of things here. My visa status changed from F1 -> H1B last October. I went to India this January, got the H1B visa stamped, renewed my Indian passport and returned on Feb 1. The H1B visa is on my old passport and my "port of entry" stamp (from Abu Dhabi) with the visa change is on my new passport. I am currently in the process of switching jobs and the attorneys asked me for my latest I-94. Here's when things get tricky: I entered my new passport number and the website tells me that I have no records. Basically, no I-94 for my new passport, When I go to the travel history section, and type in the new passport number, it accurately shows that entered the US on Feb 1. When I enter my old passport number, the I-94 shows up. But it's old, because it shows my visa status as F1 the "Most Recent Date of Entry" section shows up as Dec 2018 I read somewhere that when you enter the country with a new visa status & passport, the I-94 gets changed to that. But I'm not seeing that on my I-94. Is this a problem? Would this hurt my chances of this H1B transfer?
  24. harish shankaran

    Travel ABROAD during H1B extension travel

    Hello 1. Can we travel outside of USA, after receipt of case number, for H1B extension. 2. If we travel, what are the implications? 3. Is there a way to inform USCIS about the purpose of travel and get approval?
  25. Hi, I'm in lookout for companies that can do pre-labour filling(PERM filling before joining them on W2), could someone please share companies contact details if anyone have. Thanks, Kumar.
  26. User099

    Public Charge - IEP

    I feel you should be good, these don't come under public charge. If you want to me 100% sure, you might want to check with an attorney.
  27. jigarpatel1573

    h1b extension outside of US

    Thanks you guys for reply.
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