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  1. Today
  2. Can you please provide the same documentation. need help for Specialty occupation RFE
  3. Roma

    H1-b FY 2020

    I received notice on April 22
  4. What was the problem in birth certificate?
  5. Hello all, 1. I was originally on an H-1B visa, which started in October 2016 and was valid until August 2019. I have this visa stamped in my passport. 2. I switched from H-1B to H-4 last year along with H-4 EAD. 3. I'm planning to do a COS from H-4 to H-1B next month (June 2019) and then travel to India in July 2019. Based on the above, here are my questions: 1. Is my previous H-1B visa stamp (expiring in August 2019) still valid for me to enter the US with a new H-1B I-797 in July 2019? 2. If I do decide to get the latest visa (new H-1B which will be a COS from H-4) stamped in my passport, would I be eligible for the Interview Waiver Program (Dropbox) since the previous visa stamped in my passport is an H-1B visa?
  6. gopalakrishnach

    H1 Extn got RFE, H4 filed recently

    1. Can my dependents travel in mid of H4 extn. process? - Ye they can. They can comeback after attending their visa stamping interview after your H1B is approved since they need it. But all this must happen before August. 3. H4 no premium. 4. Yes
  7. 02112018

    Responding to H1B RFE without client letter

    Yeah USCIS should accept client email and approve your petition. But do check with attorney for additional supporting docs that proves you are working for that client. Best of luck.
  8. gopalakrishnach

    H4 Extension for Canadian Citizen

    Both are good. If you can apply for H4 extension with your H1B extension or go to any port of entry and get H4 visa stamping after your H1B is approved since they need your H1B approval.
  9. gopalakrishnach

    Responding to H1B RFE without client letter

    I guess it will do... wok with your employer/attorney...
  10. gopalakrishnach

    Clarification on H1b expiry date in I797/Visa Stamp

    Feb 2020 is your H1B ending date. I feel its best to start by that time...
  11. gopalakrishnach

    Premium Processing Response delayed

    This is really confusing... I called USCIS and said I haven't received the notice, ... did you call USCIS and did they say they did not receive your application packet.Normally attorneys when they send packets to USCIS will use mail tracking. Check that out..
  12. Hi , I work for employer A and have approved I140 ( approved 8 months back) and current H1b petition , spouse H4 petition and spouse H4 EAD all approved till 2022. If I change employer now , H1 transfer and related H4 petitions will be filed. Is there any application to be filed related to H4 EAD?
  13. Prathyusha93

    H4 to F1 USCIS Address

    Hello, I am applying COS for H4 to F1 and have a question regarding the USCIS address I need to send. There seems to be different USCIS addresses in the internet and want to know which is correct? I sent the package to the below address and do not know if the ATTN I sent is correct? USCIS ATTN: I-539 2501 S. State Highway 121 Business Suite 400 Lewisville, TX 75067 Thanks, Prathyusha.
  14. Hello All, I applied for my STEM Extension(form I-765) earlier this year and the case was received by USCIS on 22nd Feb,2019. My current OPT ends on 6th May 2019. My employer filed H-1B through premium processing which got selected on 11th April, 2019. 1st May,2019 -> My employment end date changed to 30th September,2019 in SEVP portal. 7th May,2019 -> My Stem Application was rejected and the form I-765 was sent back to me with a reject document stating "You have already filed Form I-129 , and need not file form I-765". My H1B petition is still - pending and I'm afraid that I might loose my 2 years of STEM extension (if it is possible) ? I have tried reaching out to my DSO and USCIS, nobody has seen such case before and have no solution to this situation. Can somebody please advise and direct me ? Immediate answers are much appreciated. Thank you, Best, Vinoth
  15. In the process of you applying for an immigrant visa (which by the way will be about 15 years after she files the petition), she, the petitioner, will need to sign an I-864 Affidavit of Support. There are some obligations that go with that.
  16. newacct

    H4 Extension for Canadian Citizen

    If she leaves she won't be able to return on H4 after your H1b expires before it is extended, so is she going to wait outside the US until it is approved?
  17. drp18

    Porting EB2 to EB1

    Folks, My EB2 I-140 PD is October 2012 and my EB1 I-140 PD is December 2018. According to my EB2 I-140, my PD is current. Is porting automatic or how do I go about porting? Should I file for my AOS anyway or wait for my EB1 I-140 PD to be current? Thank you
  18. newacct

    Canadians and H1B stamping

    Yes. That's what they normally do. Canadians almost never get US visas.
  19. pontevecchio

    Cruise closed loop travel query

    AVR means that one needs a valid I94 to return and NO current VISA is required. You do not need an unexpired multiple entry visa, which in this context makes no sense at all. You need to know whether MEXICO will let you enter their territory and under what circumstances.
  20. Noah Lott

    F2 for child, visitor visa for spouse

    There are no magic answers that can guarantee visa issuance to anyone.
  21. Noah Lott

    How to buy time to get married while 485 is pending

    If you obtain GC status but are not married, when you do marry, and file an I-130, it will be subject to the same requirements as anyone else's...since that visa category has an annual numerical limit, there will be a waiting period before the Priority Date becomes current....if you marry AFTER you gain GC status. There are NO exceptions
  22. Hi, My H1 and I-94 going to expire on May 31st, 2019, I've valid I-140. We have applied extension in April 1st week and thought that my extension goes smooth and were planning to travel to India in mid of May hence did not apply the h4 extension(also expiring on May 31st). As I got RFE, to make my dependents stay legal applied H4 extension recently. I'm planning to send my dependents to India in June ending for summer holidays, and planning to bring them back in August (hopefully, we will get some good news by the time). My questions 1. Can my dependents travel in mid of H4 extn. process? 2. On the return they need to go for stamping anyways, but do they face any issues while stamping and return immigration, due to more days stayed in US without status? 3. We applied my H1 extension on premium, do H4 extn also considered as premium, we applied separately though? 4. In case my current H1 extn has any issues, can I switch to different employer immediately?
  23. Yesterday
  24. praveenrk

    expired i94 and i797

    my visa extension filed on sep 7 2018 ,my visa extension got approved on may 13 2019 after rfe and got approval notice on may 18 2019 ,but the notice says my petition expired on march 2019 and i94 valid till april 4 2019. now what are all my options . nunc pro tunc can be used ? what can my attorney do .we dont want to travel back to india,can we file from usa
  25. Yes, You can. There is some paperwork involved in changing to CP. Discuss your matter with the company Lawyer. By the time your L1 ends, you will have the GC.
  26. did you check in hyd?
  27. Rishi1992

    Edit Name on www.usvisa-info.com

    Hello, I entered Date of Birth wrong in the applicant info. Is there a way to update it without rescheduling the slot? Instructions to change applicant and appointment information The appointment must be canceled to edit applicant information. Return to the Applicant Summary Page and click Cancel Appointment. After the appointment is canceled click on the pencil link to edit all applicant information answers. Please note that by canceling your appointment you may not be able to reschedule for the same date and time. I can not reschedule a different slot because slots are not available in near future and I have made my plans already. Is it Ok to attend the interview without updating DOB? Will it affect my VISA application approval? Please help me out. Thanks
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