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  5. Hello As per October 2019 visa bulletin, my priority date in EB2 category is current in filing date table. But still not current in Final action date table. I am also seeing that for October 2019 Visa bulletin USCIS is allowing to use filing date to apply for Green card application. For me, my employer's lawyer will be applying . In this regard, I have few questions: Is this required that I need to apply before 31st October 2019? In case, If USCIS does not allow to use filing date in November 2019 visa bulletin and I did not complete the filing the applications by Oct 31, 2019 , then can I do so in November? Is this possible that I can apply for my wife and son separately then mine from other lawyer them my employer's lawyer? Is this required that my application has to file before my wife and son? Do I need to apply also for EAD card and Advance Payrol for my wife and son(18 yrs) or this will be automatically part of Green card application? I am trying to understand the green card application process therefore I apologize in advance for novice questions. Thanks a lot in advance for all your help. Rakesh
  6. The employer and his lawyer (they have one, do they?) should know about this.
  7. JoeF

    H4 EAD and LLC

    The H4 EAD is unrestricted work authorization, so the person can work in any business, including his or her own. However, when the EAD expires the person has to stop working, which makes running a business somewhat impractical.
  8. Hi, I got a DUI on Oct, 2016 and went through the complete process and completed it. It was a tough time but I managed to complete all the formalities. The DUI gave me a reality check and I have changed my lifestyle ever since. I made a resolve never to go through this again, but law does not work based on our resolves so even now I feel the after effects of the DUI - mainly in terms of immigration. First stamping after DUI - 2017 - Received the 221G, completed the medical test and waited for almost 2 months in India to get the passport back. My stamping is due and I will be going back, I had a few questions that I hope people can help me out with. I am planning to go in Oct, that will be 3 years since my DUI incident. Will I have to go through the medical once more (will go to the same consulate as the first time) ? As per the court documents my probation period is from Jan 2017 so it will end in Jan 2020. Does the probation period (or DUI incident date) make a difference in terms of going through medical the second time or is it purely luck ? I have searched for this questions on many forums and at this point to me it seems its purely luck, some people were asked to go through medical whereas some were not (since they had the medical test done with the same consulate). Can someone please shed some light on this ? Also, has anyone successfully expunged their DUI ? When I see the eligibility it states that expungement is allowed only after the probation period but in some cases early expungement is possible. My probation ends in Jan 2020, would it be possible for me to get early expungement and then go for stamping ? Would like to hear some success stories about expungement. Kindly advice and thank you for going through my query.
  9. Surti

    Transition Issues in H1B

    Can one travel while h1b amendment pending
  10. Hi. I just got to know my H1-B has been approved till end of this year (3 months). I just started my OPT this September. Is it a good idea to ask my employer to revoke my H1-B so that I could go back to OPT because I have 3 years left on my OPT. What could be the complications for this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Hi, I have applied GC in EB1C category and my i140 is Approved. Can’t apply EAD as the date is not current. Reduction is going on in my company and any time I may be asked to leave. 1. Can I apply for H1B? If the role is same, is it fine to switch from L1A to H1B? 2. Will I retain my priority date? Hearty thanks for your help!
  12. collegian

    Options when laid off during vacation abroad

    Ok, thanks for the clarification. I do think though that a person will lose H1 status as soon as they lose their job. Not sure why being abroad affects that.
  13. collegian

    Options when laid off during vacation abroad

    The way lay offs were done last time around meant that people receive regular pay checks for a month and had their last day a month later so that's what I meant by not actively employed but still on company's payroll.
  14. nshaik

    H1B stamping

    my Attorney and company B providing Succor of interest and other supporting documents ..i hope thats all i required . as per my HR 2 of them got stamping after acquired. btw i am planning to goto Neuvo laredo ,mexico
  15. nshaik

    H1B stamping

    Thank you
  16. Thank you Shekar11 and JoeF for your response. Really appreciate it. Shekar11- I reached out to my attorney and he said that "Just say you will be working for my employer at the headquarters on an internal software project?" But I am looking for a more definitive answer, or I would say a more convincing answer. First of all, it is not a software project it is more of a combination of Implementation project followed by support. And it is more like a permanent position as you know there is no timeline once the support starts so. Please let me know what are your views. Thanks Again
  17. roger77

    Multiple H1 transfers

    Hi, I am facing the current situation. Initial H1b (Approved until 2021) approved for an employer A Amendment Denial in April 2019 Filed transfer to Employer B within the 60-day grace period (joined them on receipt but yet to generate a pay stub) Now my client has offered me full time and might file transfer in premium. I am willing to join my client as an FTE. what should I do to break bridge transfer and ensure smooth H1B processing? please help. Thanks in advance.
  18. I have a valid H1B visa till Feb-2020. Recently I changed my project (within the same company) and moved to a new client location. A relocation amendment was filed and I received an approved I797-A with a new expiry dates of 23-Dec-2020. I am already working at the new location. Old I797-A is valid till 23-Feb-2020. New I797-A is valid till 23-Dec-2020 (Amendment). I-94 is valid till 02-Jan-2021. Can someone please clarify till what date can I legally stay in the US and if relocation amendment validity supersedes the earlier petition? The reason I am asking this is my organization wants me to raise an extension request immediately but I have an understanding that I can stay till 23-Dec-2020 and can file extension next year (6 months prior).
  19. Ashutoash

    H4 EAD and LLC

    Thanks for the info. The H4 EAD holder can work both in IT and run a business?
  20. In STEM OPT with a total of 10 days of unemployment days left out and with no paid leaves from employer. 1 ) Is it OK to travel international for more than 25 days ? 2 ) Will the unpaid leaves be considered as unemployed days? 3)Will it be a problem while re entering ?
  21. Rajashree N

    RFE on Stem Extensio

    I have recived RFE on my STEM Extension application stating that E verify Number could not be verified in database. My Employer has confirmed that E verify Number and Name are correct on my i765 form so not sure why they were not able to verify in the database. So what supporting documents should I submit in response to this RFE ?
  22. shekar11#

    Got a blue slip 221(g) during Visa Interview

    This is tricky situation for working remote. Contact a immigration attorney.
  23. shekar11#

    H1B Stamping

    1. I don't think that will be an issue since you already paid the fine. 2. Don't see that as a reason.
  24. 1. No, he won't even know you cancelled. It is all handled by VFS. 2. No. 3. You are thinking too much. Just relax.
  25. shekar11#

    H1-B Approved but H-4 Denied

    1. They can stay as their old I-94 is still valid. 2. You can apply for their extension next year.
  26. Wont your employer MUST looks into this
  27. gopalakrishnach

    H1-B Extension and H4-EAD Renewal

    Yes...H1B, H4 and H4 EAD can be done at same time. I did it.
  28. gopalakrishnach

    Stamping before expiry of current stamping

    Do you mean you changed employer after getting visa stamping which is valid till Aug 30 2020. If you are coming back before Aug 30 2020 then you do not need stamping you just need H1B approval copy. If you are coming after Aug 30 2020, you need.
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