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  3. Attorney_22

    August Visa Bulletin: Priority Dates Retrogress

    That is correct, it is expected to be unavailable for the rest of the fiscal year (until October 1, 2019).
  4. Attorney_22

    August Visa Bulletin: Priority Dates Retrogress

    Based on the opinion of Charlie Oppenheim we expect the visa numbers to move forward again in October. However, it is unclear if they will return to the July 2019 dates.
  5. mahesh1g

    H4 visa stamping question

    Hi, I am working on H1B with i-140. My latest extension was applied in 2017 and got extension up to 2020. I recently changed client and my employer is in process of filing Amendment. LCA is filled and amendment will be filed in next one week. My wife got her H4 visa stamping in chennai in 2015 and its expired in 2017. Now we have a family emergency and my wife needs to travel to India along with my 5yr old son. Can she travel to India now or do we need to wait until amendment is approved. please advise. Thanks,
  6. Krishnan_Dh

    I485 Query if out of USA

    Hi - I have an approved I140 and my priority date is March 2011. My H1 expires March 2020. I was thinking of going back to India for 2-3 years and then coming back. My queries are: 1. Do I need to be in USA to file for I485 if and when my PD becomes current ? 2. What if I do not have a valid US visa to travel when my PD is current and does it have to be a L or H1B visa ? Thanks, Krish
  7. 123vish

    End of client project after RFE is raised

    But what if I get a new project? how does that change this scenario?
  8. Tjgarla

    Decrease in Salary on H1B Visa.

    salary has nothing to do with the h1bs. same soc code will have different salaries for different locations.
  9. aashish24

    August Visa Bulletin: Priority Dates Retrogress

    Folks, I was told that EB1 India is unavailable since July 17th as per an internal USCIS memo. Has anyone heard of it?
  10. Tjgarla

    Client Letter for H1 Stamping

    i agree. If you cant get the new dated one, just carry the april letter
  11. Indian passports can be renewed when ever you want. Just mention the reason as change in appearance. You can renew it now. I have renewed mine 2 years before the expiry .
  12. TanR

    H1B 60 day grace period

    I have an experience letter from the employer saying that I was their employee till July 5th 2019. Will that not be enough?
  13. Murali008

    Working from India for Short period

  14. care_candidate

    Reentry into US after H1B visa stamping

    If it is a matter of a day, why don't you just delay your arrival? I would ask this question to company attorney, who filed your application or directly to visa officer who will issue you visa.
  15. care_candidate

    H1b Green Card with a new employer

    You can start with new employer on new H1b with no issue regardless what older employer do with I-140. As a matter of fact they can't do anything. However, it is waste of time for you if new employer is not going to or delaying too much in initiating new green card process (from scratch). If I was in your situation, I would get it cleared from them when exactly they will start the process. As you already have been partially in this process, you should have some idea about rough timeline. Your new PERM will take at least a year, then I-140 could take up to six months. Then, there will be long wait for PD to become current, which can be over 10 years. This is because of your country and category. Because of this long wait, the severity of your new employer delaying to start green card process is insignificant. All you have to make sure that your new I-140 is ready by the time your PD becomes current. Now, there is bill in US House that is trying to remove country quota. If that passes and goes through all the way to Senate and President, this long wait could be reduced significantly. If that happens, then you could face some delay because of delaying in starting process by new employer. The chances of that happening is unknown at this point with this administration and the fact the the election is coming next year.
  16. Hi - I would like to start a discussion for DS5535 questionnaire issued under 221(g) pink slip at the US Consulate, Chennai. Summary: * H1B renewal * 6th time visa stamping & 4th 221(g) * Work full time for a reputed firm * Have a Common Muslim name. Timelines: 24th June 2019 – Dropped off PPT’s at VAC 28th June 2019 – Status updated to administrative processing 01st July 2019 – Received e-mail that PPT is ready for pickup 08th July 2019 – Collected PPT’s with 221(g) Blue form asking to appear for an interview 09th July 2019 – Appeared for the interview (only primary applicant, gave fingerprints, no documents asked, 4 basic questions, VO collected PPT’s, gave Pink 221(g) form with case and asked me to respond to the E-mail) 09th July 2019 – Received questionnaire asking 15 yrs of biographical history 09th July 2019 – CEAC status updated 10th July 2019 – Sent filled out questionnaire back **No updates thereafter**
  17. Hi, I was on H1B with my employer A until i returned back to India while my GC process was in progress ( PERM applied and awaiting review) as my visa was expiring and i cannot stay beyond the 6 years max limit. However after my return to India , my PERM got approved, followed by i-140 last April 2018. I would like to know whether i can look for new employers to sponsor my H1B Transfer to re-enter US instead of trying to come back with the same employer A? Any help here is highly appreciated.
  18. 2018h1bextension

    DUI conviction | H1B extension

    read this ..
  19. Hi, I and my wife have travel plans to India this October and i'm on H1b visa employed full-time by my employer. My wife is on H4-EAD working contract IT job. Since my visa is expired, I'm required to attend visa interview at US consulate to get my new H1b visa to re-enter into united states and i believe my wife has to attend the visa interview too. Back in October 2017 i had an intense argument with my wife and she had to call cops and then i got arrested. But then we didn't realize this was gonna happen and she bailed me out of arrest, and we fought the case together. She also submitted a notarized letter at that time to judge, saying "it all happened by accident and she never intended for me to get arrested". But due to strict California laws I got arrested in October 2017 and had to plead guilty for 'Misdemeanor PC 415(1)' Disturbance of peace, in March 2019. I also attended anger management counselling as the judge has order. Now, will I face any problems during my visa Interview for H1b stamping at US consulate or, by Immigration during re-entry to US at port of entry given my background of arrest and guilty charges? Is it even safe to plan for travel out of country? Please let me know. Thanks in Advance.
  20. Vino1

    Backdated Visa approval

    Hi, I have applied for H1-B transfer ( on 2nd Nov 2018 ) and recently it got approved with a backdated date ( 31 dec 2018 ). Attorney has applied an inquiry with USCIS and Im yet to receive the update from attorney on decision. When checked with Attorney, they told that I can work until decision is received. Please let me know if i can work and its legal to stay in US or i need to travel back until corrected dates are updated.
  21. Hi @Aarav27 - Have you received any updates on your case?
  22. cookie123

    Applying for 130/485 for my mother

    Thank you for your reply. Can I submit Affadiavt of support from my relatives, copy of my old India passport, affidavits of support while applying for Green Card?
  23. Hi, I received an RFE on my initial OPT application. USCIS has asked for evidence such as a copy of transcript, establishing one full academic year of lawful enrollment as a nonimmigrant in an Immigration & Customs Enforcement, Student and Exchange Visitors Program, approved school. I did provide my official transcript in my initial application. Background: I completed MS in 4 terms. I changed status from H4 to F1 in my last semester of MS. I was full-time student in first three terms when I was on H4. In last term when I started on F1 status, DSO approved (Reduced Course Load) RCL as fewer courses were needed to complete the program of study. In response to the RFE, I am planning to provide following documents. - Copy of transcript - Cover Letter - Enrollment and Degree Verification Letter from Registrar - Copy of Degree Certificate - Copy of Initial Acceptance Letter from University - Copies of all previous H4 visas and principle applicant’s H1B visa along with I-797 forms - Copy of all previous EAD cards corresponding to H4 Has anyone faced similar issue? Will these documents be enough to support my case? Or should I include more / exclude any of the documents? (Note: I am providing H4 related documents because USCIS might want to check validity of my prior non-immigrant status.) Thanks, Mayuri
  24. JoeF

    H1b Stamping on SVU

    Of course the government does. Try to get an H1 with a "degree" from TVU or Herg uan, etc., from before they were raided and closed. (There still seems to be a threat from the second institution mentioned, because the name is blocked, even though the CEO of that institution was sentenced to prison, and the institution was shut down...)
  25. JoeF

    H1B 60 day grace period

    Leave of absence on H1 is usually a ruse by the employer to avoid paying people on bench, which is illegal. Shady employers get the employees to "voluntarily" ask for LOA, which is of course also illegal, because it is done under pressure from the employer. The LOA "conveniently" coincides with the end of the project... A really transparent sham. Because of such abuse LOA for people on H1 is nowadays impossible, unless the person is outside the US and such not in H1 status to begin with.
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