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  3. pontevecchio

    Travel to Canada and back using AVR

    Yes. You still need a visa to enter Canada.
  4. There is a new requirement of biometrics for i-539 forms i.e change of status or extension of status form. So h4 ead and h4 COS will likely be delayed due to biometrics requirement while H1b is approved in premium. One strategy your employer can try is to file everything in regular. Wait for biometrics to get done and then upgrade the h1b application in premium. This may or may not work as we don't have enough data at this time.
  5. Hello, I'm currently in H1B until 01/22/2020. Here is my GC status: * EB3 Category w priority date: 18-DEC-2008 * I-485 NOT YET filed with current employer Can I change employer and continue with Current GC? If yes, should I get start PERM and I-140 with the new employer? Please advise options for me.- -
  6. Hi - I'll be travelling to India during July and need to get H1B visa stamped. Qualified for dropbox - however my attorney recommended to avail for interview. Here are my questions Is there a general uptick in interview follow-up to original dropbox document submission? Couldn’t see a way to by-pass dropbox and set up an interview from ustraveldocs website.(unless you answer qualifying questions incorrect - which isn't recommended) Should I go with dropbox or is there an option to avail for interview? I'm a full time in a US based company (no client-vendor relationship) and been with them for 6+ years and already have prior visa stamped with same employer.
  7. JoeF

    RFE > Denied

    You would have to go through the lottery again, since the H1 was denied.
  8. gopalakrishnach

    Travelling while H1B transfer going on

    I guess you can travel but it is advised not to travel when H1B is in processing stage.
  9. gopalakrishnach

    H1 B ammendment for change of project within 20 miles

    My employer did amendment when I moved from 600 ABC to 800 ABC clients changed. From one building to other building clients changed. Its better to do amendment,....
  10. I traveled to India for a vacation and went for my interview for H1b Stamping. Due to having a travelling job, the 221(g) asked for my employer to refile my H1b with a LCA with all the addresses at the job sites I will be working at as a commissioning engineer. My company has filed a new application but I got an RFE which they then replied to. In the meantime, another company has interviewed me and is willing to transfer my H1B. Is it possible for me to transfer my H1B, and if my RFE gets rejected before my transfer request is submitted, will that mean that the H1B employment cycle is broken and transfer would not be possible?
  11. gopalakrishnach

    RFE > Denied

    1. new employer, new job description, new petition, better documentation 2. I guess yes. I might be wrong...
  12. gopalakrishnach

    H1B amendment for changing job role?

    1. Yes it is obvious 2. I guess so. I might be wrong...
  13. gopalakrishnach

    Foreign Country H1B VISA stamping

    Its better to go to India or Canada for first time visa stamping. Check whether DUBAI does first time visa stamping...You alrteayd have 221G and it might play its part.
  14. gopalakrishnach

    Need opinion on H1B Amendment +H4(COS)+ H4 EAD together

    Yes you can apply H1B amendment, H4 and H4 EAD together. There is no premium for H4 and H4 EAD. H1B will be premium and mostly H4 will also processed at same time.
  15. lingaiahg

    Transfer of H1B

    Thanks JoeF. Yes, It is the original H1 employer and the original client as specified on the H1 petition (Filed in Apr 2017 and Approved in Aug 2018) I'm entered US with H4 in Oct 2018 and H1B is not stamped. So can my employer apply for COS in Premium processing this week ?
  16. Hello, Below is my current visa situation. My H1B and I-94 expired on October 10 2018. I got a job offer with a new client, so i changed my Client(with same employer) and filed amendment in Jan 2019. Got RFE for the extension in March 2019 Responded to RFE in May 2019 It is almost 240 days that my I94/visa is expired. My Questions: Am i allowed to work beyond 240 days ? If no, is there a way i can still continue my employment and maintain a legal status ? I was planning on doing MBA and taking CPT as the other option, but if a CPT I20 is generated with a Sevis number on my name, will it in any way affect my H1 Visa status/ H1B Descision that is pending ? Also i read it online that we can continue to work if we file H1B extension plus amendment together, is that true? Any other options i can consider ? Thank you in advance. Regards, Karthik.
  17. newacct

    NO Insurance and unemployed on GC

    1. Yes. In fact, in California, you can apply for Medi-Cal immediately after becoming a permanent resident, without a 5-year waiting period (of course, assuming you meet the income requirements). In most other states you have to have been a permanent resident for 5 years before you can apply for Medicaid. 2. No impact on your status under current rules. No impact on naturalization. If you immigrated through family-based immigration, the sponsor(s) who filed I-864 for you could in theory be asked by the state for reimbursement for need-based benefits received before you become a citizen, but I do not believe California or any other state seeks reimbursement. 3. Not at all. Whether you have a job is not a factor in naturalization.
  18. newacct

    H4 Extension for Canadian Citizen

    But what is your spouse going to do when your H1b status expires (and thus her H4 status expires), and your extension is still pending?
  19. Prashanth P

    Travel to Canada and back using AVR

    Hello everyone, I came to the USA on an F-1 Student visa. I currently have a Change of Status to H1-B with a valid I-797A and an unexpired I-94. My F-1 Visa is expired and I have not left the country, hence do not have a H1-B stamping in my Passport. Can I travel to Canada and return to the USA using the Automatic Visa Revalidation process? Any insight on this would be really helpful. Thank you!
  20. My Petition was approved in 2016 and my employer hired me as a "Computer Programmer" with a salary of $60500 (10.5 yrs exp back then, Now 13. My petition is going to expire in August). But unfortunately, I couldn't due to some health issues at my end. Since a lot of things happened in the last 2.5 yrs. Now I am planning to go for stamping again with the same petition (so, the same salary). With such a low salary, is it possible to get my visa stamped? Thanks.
  21. pontevecchio

    NO Insurance and unemployed on GC

    Having an employer is not a must. How did you get your GC and when did you last work?
  22. JoeF

    Admission to Ph.D while working on H1B

    Masters and PhD are two completely different things. With a Masters you have classes. For a PhD you do research and write papers, which is way more time-consuming than structured classes. You also have to travel to conferences to present the research. A person on H1 would have to pay these things, including conference fees, on his or her own, because the university would not be allowed to pay the person. So, realistically, doing a PhD and working on H1 don't quite go together. And it is obvious that the OP hasn't thought any of this through, based on his question about "entrance exams". One applies at a university in the program one is interested in. The university decide who they admit, based on the candidate's strengths. And things like TOEFL/GRE are a given (except for some top universities like MIT which have their own, even stricter, tests.)
  23. No liabilities at all but you need to give thought to situation that may change over 15 years.
  24. care_candidate

    Convert from EAD to H1

    First thing you need to understand that there is one way street from H1b to EAD. It is transition state before actual Green Card. H1b is temporary work. So logically you cannot path of following: Work temporarily - Use up all six years and let it expire - Use transition phase of EAD (Remember this was optional step) - apply for permanent status and while it is pending - ask for temporary status again to gain benefits so your spouse can apply for dependent. That is clear manipulation and abuse of system.
  25. care_candidate

    Admission to Ph.D while working on H1B

    Sure you can. A lot of people do Second Masters, MBA and take courses while on H1b. PhD is not an exception here. Typically similar to any PhD, you are expected to devote lot of time doing research which can eat up time you would be working full time elsewhere.
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