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  2. Once you have been counted in the quota and worked for the original employer you can switch between profit- and non-profit employers in both directions without problems.
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  4. Hi, I have planned to get my first H1B stamping during January at Ottawa, Canada. Its been 4 years 10 months since i traveled outside of USA and My I-140 application will be filed by the end of November. Can you please let me know what possible documents since i am a consultant working at an end client location i need to carry during the visa interview?
  5. Hi, I have planned to get my first H1B stamping during January at Ottawa, Canada. Its been 4 years 10 months since i traveled outside of USA and My I-140 application will be filed by the end of November. Can you please let me know what possible documents since i am a consultant working at end client location i need to carry during the visa interview?
  6. karthik.harish

    exit and re-entry before joining new employer

    Hi Guys, I am currently planning to travel to India and get my h1b Visa stamped under the current employer. However, I have my H1b transfer already approved with another employer. The reason I want to stamp under my current employer is that I want to use up my vacation with the current employer. Please advise if I can stamp under current employer and then come back Initiate resignation and transfer to the new employer without having to exit and reenter using new I797? or can I stamp my visa under new employer then come to the US and initiate resignation & start working with the new employer Thanks in advance!!!!
  7. deeptichatur

    Approved H1B along with H4 EAD

    I need consultation regarding current immigration and work authorisation situation. 1. My friend applied for H4-EAD few months back based on spouse I-140 Approval. Her H4-EAD application got approved couple of days back. 2. She also applied for H1B visa last year (April 2018) through one of the consultancies. After going through RFE process her H1 Visa got approved today (Nov 2019). At present she has not started working. Based on this situation what will happen to her H4-EAD? will it be still valid? Or she will have to work on H1-B and ask for H1 transfer if employer is changing? If we want to continue with H4-EAD and does not want to go for H-1B option then is there way to revoke H1B and keep H4-EAD status valid. any advice will be appreciated.
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  9. Experts, Planning to schedule H1B visa interview at the earliest possible. Have H1B approval until 2021 July. Client Client will be issued. Best option to attend interview - Home county or Canada ?? Any recent experiences, please share. Appreciate your time !
  10. p@1tejareddy

    F1 to H1-B (H1 kicked in and out of F1)

    Did your previous employer withdraw H1-B? If so is it before or after Oct 1st? Can we continue to stay in US if new employer files before Nov 30? will it still be in status(legal) to stay after filing and waiting for response. To your friends point, my previous employer withdrew in June, but still got approval in end of July and still the same. What are the chances of approval if its withdrawn before Oct-1st?
  11. Hi, I have h1 petition approved till 2022. Can I work from home with in same MSA for different client than the current H1 petitioned client.? My h1 amendment was denied can we file other h1 amendment with same employer-vendor-client using different location. Thanks
  12. HiI m on H1B visa and i94 valid till Dec 2020. I have been laid off on Nov 1st 2019 and I m on 60 days grace period.I got 2 offers, emp A and emp B.Emp A filed my LCA and will file H1 next monday(11/25) and Emp B will file shortly.Emp A asked me to work on receipt from 2-Dec.Emp B also told to work on receipt as soon as they file H1 however Emp B has not given any start date as it depends on LCA filing and H1B filing etc.Now my question is if I start working on receipt for Emp A and when Emp B files H1 and gets the receipt, can I quit Emp A by giving 2 weeks' notice and join Emp B?Or will this be like bridge petition? what will happen to my petition with Emp A? and due to this will Emp B petition will be any problem.Please help
  13. Employer-1(Profit Org) : Picked H1B through lottery and worked for 7 months without "H1B Stamping" (2016 Sep to 2017 April)Employer-2(Non Profit Org): Transferred to Non profit org with Non profit H1b(2017 April to Still working now)Condition:1.H1B visa from Employer-1 expired on Sep 2019 .(3 years period)2.No Stamping with Employer-13.Employer 1 Withdrawn my H1B on 2017 Dec as i left the job.3.Got Stamped with Employer-2 after H1B transferWhat are my options to go work for profit employer again.Will it be considered Cap- exempt or I need to go through H1B Lottery Again.Your answers are highly helpful.
  14. Using Automatic Visa revalidation aka AVR is absolutely legal. Hence you are looking for a problem where none exists.
  15. This week, Murthy Law Firm attorneys will answer questions about applying for a green card at a U.S. consulate. Rules for Topic of the Week Threads: 1. Attorney's postings contain general information only and are not a substitute for case-specific legal advice. 2. The attorney will answer only those questions which relate to the main subject. If you have a question on some other issue, please start a new thread in the appropriate forum section. 3. The attorney will not necessarily answer every question posted and may provide a single answer to a group of similar questions. 4. Please do not provide information which would identify any specific company, university or individual.
  16. C_Kumar

    Can i create a LLC on H1-B

    I am on H1-B and want to open a LLC stock/option trading account. Is it OK to open or there will be any issues? Just a LLC Type account in brokerage firm so that, me and my friends can invest in group account. Kumar

    221g Passport Retained

    Hi, Any update about ur case?
  18. Hi, Do you have any update on ur case. Which consulate did u attend the interview and did they retain ur passport?

    221g admin processing - stuck in india

    Any update on ur case.

    221G white slip- Hyderbad consulate

    Hi, do you have any update on ur case
  21. gopalakrishnach

    H-1B Transfer Denied after RFE

    but resigned 1 month ago from Employer A - your 60 days period start the day you resigned Emp A. Find new employer and get approved before 60 days... This is not a legal advise just my personal opinion....
  22. RFE most likely. Better premium processing and you might get till DEC 31 and you can apply for new extension as per below. " EDIT: My employer would receive renewed SOW from JAN 2020 till DEC 2020 from client in the first week of DEC 2019 "
  23. gopalakrishnach

    H1B Transfer, i797A Approval Notice and H4 Stamping

    1. Give yourself 10 to 15 working days. 2. Good to have approval notice while sending to USCIS. You give that to new employer and ask them to work on documentation 3. You can file. I am not sure what type it is 4.Since H1B is approved H4 can go to India and get visa stamped 5.I do not know. Even if H4 is eligible for dropbox be prepared for in-person interview..
  24. gopalakrishnach

    International Travel While I-140 Petition Pending

    Normally they say no travel while H1B not I140. You are good...
  25. gopalakrishnach

    DS 160 question

    I guess you need to consider your actual visa stamping interview time. I maybe wrong...
  26. gopalakrishnach

    Suggestion request for Visa Stamping

    Success rates depend on your profile. If your profile is good you will surely get it. In India there are a lot of successful cases but people do not post them here. They just post when they have issues. If you want you can go to Nogales, Tijuana mexico. They have good success rates which we know off...
  27. Hi All, I am in planning for H1B Extension stamping in Vancouver. My first H1B stamping also done at the same location will I be eligible for Dropbox? Does Vancouver have a dropbox option for second stamping? Please let me know if anyone came across this situation.
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