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  3. maggieagonistes


    I received an EAD/AP combo card as part of my adjustment of status application through my marriage to a U.S. citizen. Because my case has been pending for quite some time, I would now like to renew both documents. When I submit my renewal applications and if they are approved, will I be issued a new EAD/AP combo card, or will they send me just an EAD and a separate Advance Parole document?
  4. Hi, I'm on H-1B. My previous employer has withdrawn approved I-140 even after 180 days of approval. Now I'm with a different employer. Can my previous employer reinstate/re-apply for my I-140 again? Thanks.
  5. xTDx

    H4 EAD validity

    Crucial info is missing to get to a conclusion in my opinion. Does your spouse's i94 expired ? Is she working with B ? or C ? Is she in grace period ? Why transfer to C was filed in consular processing ? Your H4 ead will be valid if : 1- You are maintaining valid H4 status. Your H4 status needs your spouses h1b status to be valid. So you need to figure that out first. If her i-94 has expired and transfer to C was not filed in a timely manner, your spouse may be out of status . If that's the case , then you are out of status and H4-ead is not valid for employment. 2- you have a valid h4-ead card in hand.
  6. Roma

    H1-b FY 2020

    I received notice on April 22
  7. chintu1374

    H1B visa transfer - premium processing

    Which processing center is this?
  8. chintu1374

    H1B visa transfer - premium processing

    So, turns out I received the receipt on 21st i.e. 8 days after sending the mail which IMO is surprising Now the clock should end on 06/05.
  9. Abdul1

    H1B Stamping - PhD CPT

    Hi, I am a full time employee in a bank. They sponsored my H1B visa and it got approved for 2020 CAP. I am planning to go for stamping in Dec 2020. I was wondering should I continue my PhD program while going for stamping? OR it doesn't matter? Thanks, Abdul
  10. Hi, do we need to include biometric fee while spying for H4 EAD renewal? I heard that we need it for H4 visa extension but is it needed for EAD renewal also? I have never done biometrics before..
  11. I am on the same boat, Submitted H1transfer premium on 16th May, Still waiting for the receipt number. Did you get the receipt? if Yes , how many days took to get the receipt notice..
  12. jadon

    H1B Approved, Laid Off on OPT

    So if my H1B cannot be transferred, what are my options? Can I still continue on my OPT till May 2020? However, now that my H-1B visa petition has been approved, my intent to remain in the United States and to work for my current employer is clearly on record. Therefore, the consular officer may conclude that you no longer meet the criteria for an F-1 visa and deny your application. If you attempt to make the application and it is denied, you will not be able to return to the United States until you are able to enter pursuant to an H-1B visa on or after 10/01/2019.
  13. dsukrish7

    H1 Visa Reaffirmed after 221(G)

    You do not need to make a new appointment , they would ask you to reappear for interview instead
  14. Hello, We had submitted H1 and H4 extensions for self, spouse and kid. I94s expired in Mar 2019. My H1 extension got approved last week however H4 extension went into RFE. There was a typographical error (last name was wrongly spelt on H4 extension notice copy of both dependents). Submitted a service request to rectify the name however did not get confirmation from USCIS on its completion. My question is can using the H1 approval can we go for H1 and H4 visa stamping in Mexico along with my dependents ? Will the issue of H4 extension being in RFE have a negative impact on the H4 visa stamping ? Base location is India, will visa stamping attempt at Mexico have a negative impact on stamping outcome ? Please help with your valuable feedback. Regards.
  15. are there any chances of amendment approval now?
  16. Dinu24


    I have been on EAD/AP since 2010, and have also had a H1B. I would like to quit my current job and start a business of my own, which may not be very similar to my current work. My current EAD/AP expires in Jan 2020. 1. Can I and my wife apply for EAD/AP without having an employer, perhaps in the process of starting my own business? 2. Any advice on what I can do to retain my priority date and not jeopardize my green card approval?
  17. Hello, I am currently preparing a petition for O-1 visa (in the sciences). I have one question, regarding the requirement for the advisory opinion letter for this petition. In the USCIS website regarding Application Process O-1 Visa (link below), there seems to be a provision for choice between a peer group (organization) and individuals with expertise for writing this letter: This section, under the sub-header 'consultation' reads as follows: A written advisory opinion from a peer group (including labor organizations) or a person with expertise in the beneficiary’s area of ability Does it mean, one has the option to use either a letter from a professional organization or peers with expertise in the field? It is easier for me to get the latter. https://www.uscis.gov/working-united-states/temporary-workers/o-1-visa-individuals-extraordinary-ability-or-achievement Thank you
  18. Manchuk

    H4 to F1 visa rejected at Hyderabad

    Hello everyone,is there anyone whose H4 to f1 visa got approved?And how did you justify for why h4 to f1?
  19. I am working and residing in US from past 12 years. I have come to India on a Family Medical Emergency to take care of my father in Feb-2019. Now thankfully that, my father is recovering by God's Grace, I need to go back to US immediately to keep my job (they have been extremely supportive and patiently waiting for me from past 3+ months). However, for next 60+ days - none of the US Embassies in India have stamping appointment dates/slots available, but Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand have dates within like 3 to 5 days. My question is, can I go to any of these places, what are the success rates of these places, what are my chances of getting a 221g, God-Forbid - even if I got one, how long the admin processing may take (better than these 60+ days of waiting in India.. ?) Mine is an H1B transfer, this is a FTE position with one of the top companies in Silicon Valley with higher salary than the LCA wage category for the position level. Any other info required, please let me know ASAP. Thanks a lot for your time in advance. Kind Regards, Sandp.
  20. JoeF

    H1B Approved, Laid Off on OPT

    That is not true. You have to start working for the original H1 employer. This was outlined several years ago in a USCIS memo. If the lawyer is any good he or she should know that.
  21. bizzysurfer

    H1B reuse remainder period

    Finally they reviewed my case after I quoted text from the above memo and agreed that I am eligible for more than 3 years on H1B. They are asking me to enter the US on approved petition and then they will file for extension.
  22. H1B2019

    H4 Extension Stamping

    I have recently started working with my new employer and my new H1B petition is valid until 06/2021. My new employer have not applied for H4 extension stating that my wife's existing H4 has validity until 08/2020 and it is not required to apply now. She is planning to travel next week and I am confused if she can use her H4 from my previous employer or use my current H1 petition for her stamping. Also if she can use my H1 for her stamping, does qualify for drop box as her previous visa expired within last 12 months? Any help? Thank you
  23. I got 221G for admin processing when I went to consulate for H1-B stamping and it has been few weeks since then. 1) If I travel to US on H4 for now, will my H1 221G case at consulate be dropped or will it continue to be in progress? 2) If the answer to above question is yes and if my 221G case becomes approved, then do I need to come back for H1 stamping in order to resume working in US?
  24. Sandy112468


    I have an approved i140 pending 485, but I have my EAD/AP. When I change jobs do I need to file perm , labor and the i140 again?
  25. Malai

    H4 EAD validity

    Hello My H4 EAD is valid till Nov 2019 where as my wife's H1B transfer from employer A to Employer B denied. I 140 is approved Employer A has withdrawn their H1B Employer C has initiated H1b Filing for my wife in premium processing through consular processing I am currently working - Can I continue working till the validity of my current H4 EAD(till Nov 2019), which was applied using Employer A's H1B
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