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  2. shekar11#

    H4 while H1B in 221G

    Since the application is denied, your spouse can now directly go for H-4 visa stamping.
  3. Since you have an existing visa stamp you can cross the border and get your I-94 updated. But I have one question. You say that USCIS has gave the i94 numbers as my previous i94 number. If you received an I-94 why is your attorney asking you to go out of country.
  4. No. You may not even get an H4 because in 99% of cases CPT is abuse of the rules. On F1 you are supposed to study, not to work (except for internships, which is obviously not what you are doing if you want to continue working in the job on EAD.) An EAD would only be processed once the H4 is approved.
  5. I was working on H1B with I797 approval valid till June 30, 2019. My spouse had approved EB2 I-140 petition. Based on that I-140, on 3/6/19, I applied for future dated change of status to H4-EAD from July 1, 2019 concurrently with spouse's H1B extension in premium. On 3/16/19, I received my H4 and EAD approval notices and the validity dates are as follows Change of status to H4: Valid from date - 3/6/2019 Notice date - 3/11/2019 EAD approval date notice: Valid from date - 3/11/2019 Notice date - 3/11/2019 So, that means that from 3/6/19 to 3/11/19, I was on H4 without an EAD, although there was no way for me to know that until 3/16/19. I was working during this period thinking that I was on H1B (as I had not yet received the new approval notices till 3/16/19). So, will this period cause a problem for me while trying to get future immigration benefits? What is the best way for me to fix this?
  6. mirzabaig1502

    H1B RFE

    BTW what’s your RFE for ? You don’t have approved I-140 to extend your h1b beyond 6 years ?
  7. Saranyadevi

    H1 extension denail

    thank you for the response. H4 EAD option seems to take a minimum of 6 months. 2 months wait time for H4 stamping and then 4-5 months of EAD processing. So while that is on and I get an offer, can I apply for H1? Can I have these two go in parallel? What if 1. EAD gets approved first 2. H1 gets approved first what are my options in both cases? Will one of them revert/change the status of other?
  8. Yesterday
  9. @shekar11# I have posted my experience here. Just for anyone else to followup what happened on this case. Thanks again 🙂
  10. @gopalakrishnach Got the visa stamped on the new passport. The visa on old passport was cancelled with Cancelled Without Prejudice. So finally its all good. Which means - “Cancelled Without Prejudice” is an embassy or consulate stamp of cancellation that indicates an administrative mistake in the visa. It sometimes indicates that there is a mistake in the visa or that the visa is a duplicate. It does not affect the validity of other visas in the passport and does not prejudice future visa applications. A “Cancelled Without Prejudice” stamp does not prevent the passport holder from getting another visa. Thanks to this forum for help. @xTDx yes it was holiday hence posted to know, since i was in unique position, I wanted to make travel plans as well. Thanks for reading though.
  11. Thanks for your response, appreciated. Indeed employeer do the response but is Diploma + MBA would suffies as education supportings or do I need bachalors degree compulsory? Thanks.
  12. I lost the bottom portion of my H1-B approval form (I-797) which has the I-94 and the employee Information. I am planning to travel to India Next week. I am going for Stamp for the first time for my H-1B. 1) Do I need the original I-94 to turn in at the port of exit while leaving the country or when entering the country? 2) Do I need the original I-94 for H1B stamping? I have the original Top portion of the I-797-A approval notice.
  13. Hi, I would like to know what documents are needed to extended my H4 status , Is there a separate form for bio metrics ? and should I send the money order separately for bio metrics ? please share any official link
  14. I have an approved transfer from another employer and they require me to start at the soonest. However, I have a situation where I need to spend approximately 8 weeks with my current employer to fulfill certain commitments. I was contemplating if I could work 2 weeks in parallel for both employers and take 6 weeks paid/un-paid leave before officially resigning. Would that be legal/ advisable?
  15. Your new employer can apply H1b transfer via consular processing. That means you will have to leave USA and get new stamping to start working at new employer.
  16. I currently work for a company in Hartford, Connecticut on H1B that is valid till September 2021. My company wants me to move to their head office in Minneapolis and will be filing an H1B amendment for this location change in the next few weeks. However, I have an offer from another company and they'll be filing an H1B transfer petition for me in the next few weeks as well. 1. Could there be a conflict to either petition because of this? 2. Will both petitions be separate and have 2 different new receipt numbers for tracking? Will they be in anyway linked to the receipt number of my approved H1B petition (the original one)? 3. Does my current H1B visa continue to be valid till Sept 2021 even if both my amendment and transfer both are denied? 4. Does it make a different in terms of the order in which I get the results for my petitions? Suppose I get approval on my location amendment and then in a few days a rejection on my H1B transfer petition, does it make any difference to my approved H1B amendment petition?
  17. Nimo2019

    H4 while H1B in 221G

    Thanks Shekhar. My wife's H1b visa application has been rejected by the Consulate and her petition is sent back to USCIS after being in 221(G) status for 3 months .Now I am planning to get her to the US via H4 based on my H1B petition. My question is should the H1B application be withdrawn before applying H4 or we can directly go for H4 interview now that the H1B application is denied at the consulate?
  18. Kumar465

    I-140 approved change of employer

    I also have the same questions, My employer withdraw my I-140 after 1 year 9 months from approval. Currently I'm with employer B and current H1b expires in early 2021. If I planned to switch to a new employer in 2020 Can I use the Previously approved(revoked) i-140 document for the H1B extensions. Thank you in advance.
  19. gopalakrishnach

    RFE on H1B extension related to education

    Are you planning to reply on yur own. Th employer's attorney who filed your H1B will respond. Why you take chance. Let them handle it...
  20. gopalakrishnach

    F1 to H1B - COS, No stamp. Passport Renew in USA ?

    Just renew my passport ... In short, does updating my passport, affects my approved H1B in any regards ? - No...
  21. gopalakrishnach

    H1 Rejected- need to travel back to India immediately

    Prepare for worst and hope for the best.... be prepared for visa interview... yes you never went to visa interview that was rejected. You should say No... Your H1B immigration petition got rejected not visa interview...
  22. gopalakrishnach

    H1B without vendor letter

    ASk vendor to provide letter that states something like.... The assignment is ongoing one with a potential of extension for the next xx months
  23. rafa.ntt

    H1-B - Period of Approval

    Got it. Thanks
  24. First came to USA in 2006 a Software consultant on H1B thru CompanyA, then joined USA Local CompanyB on 9/2011 & when i went to India got a RFE & employer didnt support, no approval, so Joined CompanyC India & worked as PM for 3 yrs & came to USA on 11/2016 thru CompanyC & still working as PM for the past 2.5 years, I am still eligible to apply for EB1C.
  25. No issues. You can go to any consulate for visa stamping. Consulate information on H-1 application is just a formality.
  26. shekar11#

    Visa Stamping in Canada - DS160 Question

    You can go and let them know since it is already late. In India they update it. So there should be something in Canada too.
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