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Hello All

I had my interview last Thursday May 19 in Toronto consulate at 9.45. i reached there around 8.15  and was surprised to see no lines outside. I asked the guard if I need to come back around 9.30 and he said you can just go in now. So i showed the appointment confirmation and passport at the front and then cleared the security. Once I went in, i was surprised to see very few people inside. Considering my previous stamping was in Delhi, this was a big change to see very few people in US consulate. Once you are inside, there are couple of windows where they ask for your status in Canada and check your PIMS. Once you clear that, you join the queue ( pretty empty) for finger print/verifying the photo. Once you clear that, you stand in line for actual interview. There were like only 7-8 people in front of me and two officers interviewing. I could hear all questions and answers standing there. There were no H1b's in front of me.  Almost all of them got the visa's except one Iranian national (visitor visa) who was given 221g asking for work history.  When my turn came, i was asked Passport/797. I was asked simple questions such as :

1) where do you live?

2) where do you work?

3) what is your designation?

4) what are your job duties? (make sure you read your H1B packet for job duties. They will look at the computer to verify what you are saying.

5) how long have you been working?

6) Is my 140 approved? I was asked to show the doc and the visa officer noted down some number from it in her comp.


Finally she said, visa is approved and I will get it in 3-5 business days. On Friday (may 20), status got updated to Issued. I got the email from Postal office on Tuesday (may 24) that shipment is created.


I have been working with same company (Full Time non consulting in IT) for last 5+ years. Last time I  went to New Delhi for stamping (same company), I got 221g for admin processing (without asking for any docs) and was stuck for 90 days. This time I was prepared to be here for 90 days and I was expecting I will get it again. I was very relieved to not get any 221g at all this time. I should say that people in Toronto embassy were very courteous and friendly than in Delhi. I think it has lots to do with the number of cases they are processing in a day. There are not many slots available in Toronto and in Canada in general ( compared to India) but if you are thinking of going for stamping, please so consider going to Toronto if you it works out for you and you get a slot. I was pretty pleasantly surprised the way they treated people and were so friendly.


Thanks for people who have contributed to this forum and reading which I was at least mentally prepared on what to expect. Hopefully, my experience can help others as well. Happy to answer any questions. 

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Congrats for your Stamping....My question from you that I am also planning for my H1b extension stamping in Delhi. My last stamping was in Canada. From my last stamping my employer, vendor and client all are same. So Is it safe this time stamping in Delhi??? Please give me some advice.

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Note that the circumstances now in Delhi might be different than they were few years ago. I opted not to go to Delhi because of what I went through.I would suggest that you look at the trend of what's happening specifically in Delhi and decide based on that.  Remember, be prepared for worst and then hope that you do get it.  Also, if you already got stamped in Canada for same situation, then why not go there again?


Good Luck

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