Switch fields (ENG to FIN) after I140 approval and before I485 filing

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I am a Civil Engineer here in the US on H1b visa (H1b valid from 10/2013 to 09/2019, with extension). My company is filing for my Green Card under EB-2; they have completed the Prevailing Wage Determination and will apply for I140 within 6-8 months. I plan to file the I140 through premium processing. Hence, I should have the approved I140 in 8-10 months from now. After the I140 gets approved and before I485 is filed, can I switch my career to Finance; for example work as an Investment Analyst?


I am also pursuing Masters in Finance from a US Higher Education Institution; this should get completed by 08/2017. I am planning to switch after I get my Masters in Finance.

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