H1-Transfer after 9th year


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I am in h1-9th year with I-140 approved and PR-01/08/2012( jan2012). if i am transfer my h1 will get 3 years. If my employer not withdraw then i can do one more transfer ?


If i am moving to B then if i get C can able to transfer ? any new rule help me get EAD. will move will correct this time while final rule is yet to release?






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Yes you can go for H1 ext as long as your I140 is valid

This new rule is a utter BS and mark my words 'not a single person' will be eligible for EAD as per this new rule.


Reason is simple, DHS/USCIS didn't defined any status for the people who are eligible for EAD as per this new rule so if a person gets EAD then he has no legal status in US that means no one will get EAD.

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Thank you.


I have Canadian PR and now need to stay in canada for keep PR active. if I transfer h1 now after 6 month i moved to canada and come back or transfer H1 will be possible.


Emp-B transfer H1 and 3year approval as per AC21 and if I-140 still active can get 3 more year after 2 year.


Thanks in advance

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please explain if h1 is transferred to new employer A then leaving company 6 month and going out of country then employer A notify to USCIS  about employee ? if yes, then can i transfer to new employer from outside country ? then join new employer B can come back USA?


what will be outcome if my I-140 is withdraw or without withdraw ?



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