L1B to H1B Transfer


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I was on L1Blanket from Dec 2008 - Jan 2014 thru employer A. I received H1B petition Approval for the period Oct 01 2013 - Jan 01 2015 thru Employer B.


Even though H1B is effective Oct 2013, I went to India during Nov 2013 and returned back on L1B for Employer A. I did not change to Employer B.


I went back to India in Jan 2014 due to L1 Max out and spent more than 15 months in India and returned back to US on new L1Blanket in Aug 2015.


1. As I spent outside US for more than 12 months and back on new L1B visa, did my clock resetted for both H1/L1 time periods?

2. Will I be able to use my old H1B petition to convert my status and change employer as Cap Exempt?

3. If #2 is yes, how much validity I will have on H1B?

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