H1 amendment - Advise required Please.


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I got my H1b in 2014 nov with LCA filed in newyork. However i started working for a client A in california from Nov 2014, so my employer filed a new LCA for california but he didnt do an H1B Amendment. 


Later employer file new LCA during May 2015 since my Client moved location within same MSA in california however employer didnt file h1 amendment.


But my employer is ready to do the H1B Amendment now. I also have an offer with new employer B who is ready to do my H1 transfer. Please advise me on the below

1.)Can i do a H1 transfer with new employer B without doing my previous H1B amendment

2.) or should i do my H1B amendment and then ask my new employer to do the H1 Transfer

3.) or should i do both in parallel

4.)is there a chance of rejection since i am doing the amendment after an year of change with my work location. Any suggestions will be much helpful. Appreciate your response. thanks

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