Can we use same DS160 confirmation for different consulate


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We Can use same DS160 ,but its better to prepare new DS160 under Chennai consulate it takes 20 to 30 min :-)  and  why you want change to Chennai did you heard any bad experience from Hyderabad recently ?. I m also planning to get my stamping done  from  Hyd  in July 2016.

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Thanks guys! I received an input from embassy on this subject and this is what they said:


"In response to your query please be informed that, the schedule location of interview should match with the location mentioned in the DS-160. 

Also, you will not be able to retrieve and modify information on the DS-160 application once it is submitted electronically. If you wish to correct and / or update some information, you can select “Retrieve an Application” option at, enter the previous visa application ID, answer the security questions and then hit “Create a New Application”. Your personal information will then populate in the new application. In the new form update the information and proceed "

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