H1b - May 17th @Vancouver, Visa Approved but, PIMS does not match


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I attended my interview on Tuesday, May 17 8:45 am. this is for my H1 b visa renewal with same employer.


Here are the questions asked.

After security check and

before interview @3rd floor counter A
Do you live in states?
Whats is your status in Canada?
verified my passport, petition and attached "PIMS Does not match" label on passport back and said its technical issues. (Their system still has my old approval end date).
Counter B: given finger prints 
Went to interview floor
VO qns:
Is this renewal?
Same employer xxxx?
What are you doing?
How long you are working for them?
Do you have an end client?
Who is the client?
What are you doing for them?(Explained her about project and she asked few questions on project usage)
Do you work at their office?
Since how long you are working over there?
How much is your salary?
What is your previous project?
Did you work for XXX(previous client)?
Do you have any gaps between projects?
VO took my passport and I-797, given me pick up instructions sheet and said your visa is approved and you will get an email in 2-3 days.
My amendment petition was approved in October 2015 but still PIMS has old dates. My case is under admin processing currently, so waiting for status updates. Please let me know if any one had PIMS issue recently and how long it is taking nowadays to get the passport back in these cases.
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