F1 to GC or H4 EAD?

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Hi Team,


I'm new to the forum as well as to the GC process. Apologies for any ignorance in the matters.


I have been living in the US for the past 5years on F1 Visa. Post completion of my Master's degree I worked on complete OPT / OPT extension period. Over this period, I have applied for H1B visa (3 times so far) but didn't get selected in the lottery process.


As on date, I'm enrolled for 2nd Master's degree and continuing my studies while working on CPT. My visa expires in June 2016 but my i20 is valid up to April 2017 which will be my "duration of stay in the USA".


I got married a recently and my wife is on H1B visa. Now here are my concerns and questions.

  1. If my wife applies for GC (EB2), how long will it take to change my status from F1 to H4 EAD?
  2. Can I apply for GC directly through my employer?
  3. If not above, is there any other way to maintain legal working/status, apart from waiting for H1B petition to be selected in the lottery and get approved?
  4. Is there any other better way to handle this situation? (for me to work legally)

Please advise.




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