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Hi, I have moved from X client to Y client in July 2015 for which amendment was filed in regular process.   That project ended in Jan 2016 and had to move to New client Z in Feb 2016 for which a new amendment is applied in regular process.  


Now i have an RFE for the client Y asking for SOW's and other employer client related documents.  As we do not have our existence now with Y client, it is hard to get any SOW's.  The only SOW that we can submit is the one that ended and the one which i am currently working for.  


I have following questions for you:


1) If the First amendment that is in RFE is denied, can i still stay in US as the second amendment is still in progress.

2) Can we respond and give the reference of the current amendment (amendment for Client Z) and submit the SOW of the client.

3) Usually after denial how many days can i stay in US.

4) Can i change the employer after the Amendment is denied.


Any inputs on this regard will be of great relief and helpful.


Many Many Thanks in Advance,


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