H4 EAD Renewal


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So my current H1B (6 years) and my wife's H4 is expiring in December 2016. My employer is starting the process of H1 extension this week. My wife is having H4 EAD which also expires in December 2016. Right now I am applying for H1 as a normal process (No Premium processing).


My question is


1) Whether I need to apply for my wife's H4 EAD now (along with H1 extension) or is it an independent process? Again I think if I don't have H1 approval then I don't think I can apply for H4 EAD renewal but need to know can we file EAD renewal on H1 extension receipt?


2) Will H4 EAD renewal be considered again as a new process and I have to send all my docs? Appreciate if someone can reply. Thanks, Aj

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I have a similar situation. I have a H4-EAD based on my husband's H1-B that expires in Dec 2016. My husband's employer is applying for his H1 extension, but they won't file or pay to file for any of his dependents. My question is: Can I file for H4-EAD based on his H1-extension application or do I need to wait till his H1-B extension is approved, and file only thereafter.


Thanks in advance to anyone who has dealt with a similar situation or has any knowledge about it.



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