How long does it take to get passport back, Ottawa


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This is going to be my 4th stamping in Ottawa, i've been going there since 2007 and the passport return time keeps going up, if i remember correctly, i got the passport back on the same day in 2007 and it took 4 days in my last stamping in 2013.

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Hello nycgc,


Can you pls share ur number and/or email ID? 


I went to Ottawa 3 yrs back for my H1 stamping.

Now I am planning for stamping in Ottawa for my 2nd stamping and I have some confusion regarding below questions while scheduling for the interview.


Is the applicant renewing a Visa? *

Is the applicant traveling from another country to apply for a visa in Canada? *


Can you pls help?


Thanks in advance!

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Can somebody please let me know if location at all makes life easy out of below mention canada location ??I am planning for h1b stamping next month please suggest which one is the most easy location to get stamping done and can i go canada for stamping if this is my first time h1b stamping i was on f1 visa ??









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