Successful H1B stamping in Toronto


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hi Guys,


My husband and I recently went to Toronto for my H1B stamping. I wanted t share my experience here. My appointment was scheduled for 3rd May 8:15 EDT. We reached there around 7:15 and the security officer at the gate said they would start admitting people at around 7:20, so we joined the queue. Then at the time, they started asking people to come to a window one at a time and they would check the DS160 confirmation page and passport and direct us towards an entrance.

Security screening was pretty straight forward, they allowed the back pack(had only documents)  and car keys.


Then we went in and joined another queue inside. At that window the lady asked for our I797 and Passports and DS160 confirmation page and asked us to go and join another queue.

This was for ten-printing and this is also where they took the passport size picture scanned it and gave it back to us.


And finally we were asked to join a queue for the visa interview. Upon our turn, the lady officer interviewed us one at a time, since we both had our own H1Bs. She checked our Passports, I797, asked for the I140 confirmation and nothing else. Questions were also pretty simple, like, how long have you been in States, how long have you worked for this company, whats your profile etc. and the Visa was approved. And we were asked to wait for 5 business days.


This was Tuesday, so on Wednesday my status changed to issued and then I was able to collect my passport on Friday early morning from the postal office.

My husband's was issued on Wednesday and we collected his on Monday morning.


Hope this helps.

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HI Ship.h1b,


Thanks for the details, i have scheduled my appointment on May 16th Monday.  Quick question from your information, your husband passport was issued next day of appointment? why did you collect on Monday morning was it not ready for pick up on Friday early morning along with our passport? 

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thank you. Do you think its taking 3+ days to get passport in hand. Monday I have an appointment early morning, return flight on Wednesday night. 

Guess, from OP's experience it seems you need atleast a full 3-4 days to get passports in your hand. Please plan accordingly. Also, there are tons of things to see in toronto and adjecent cities (ottawa, montreal) 

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Guys! can anyone of you help by looking up next available appointment at Toronto embassy? I still haven't paid the fees and i am deciding whether to go to India or go to Toronto. I would really appreciate your help if you could please look up and let me know if there is any appointment this month (May) or early June? Please advise.

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Hello Ship.h1b,


I am planning to go for H1 stamping to Ottawa in July/August. This will be my second H1 stamping. I went to Ottawa 3 yrs back for my first H1 stamping.


I have a confusion regarding below questions. Will you be able to help?


Is the applicant renewing a Visa?

Is the applicant traveling from another country to apply for a visa in Canada? *


Thanks in advance!

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