H-1B Transfer after layoff (after I-140 revoked)


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Friends - 

I am struggling with answers to certain questions after lot of research. Will really appreciate any insights from folks who have themselves gone through such a scenario or have friends who have faced similar scenario. 

My current immigration situation is as follows: 
+ I lost my job (layoff) at Company A on 15th April 2016 with immediate effect 
+ I had an H-1B from Company A (valid until Nov 2018) which has already been revoked by Company A 
+ I had an approved I-140 from Company A which they will revoke – The letter for the same has already been sent by Company A to USCIS on 15th April 2016. The USCIS site does not show that the I-140 is revoked yet 
+ I have already completed 6 years on my H-1B (even after removing days I was outside US) 
+ I have found a new job with a Company B (a multi-national company) 
+ After getting approved LCA, the Company B’s lawyers plan to file for my H1 transfer (under premium processing) using the copy of my existing I-140 (most probably H-1B will be filed by 16th May 2016) 

My Questions: 
+ Based on your experience, do you know how long it will take for USCIS to revoke the existing I-140 for which Company A has already sent a letter? 
+ In your experience, do H-1B transfers always get denied if the I-140 is revoked? I am asking because I did not find “any” cases online wherein people have either reported successful or unsuccessful H1-B transfers after I-140 revocation. 
+ Do you have any tips which I should follow or know to help reduce the risk of my H1-B transfer getting denied if my previous I-140 gets revoked while my H-1 transfer is in progress? 
+ If H-1B transfer gets denied due to I-140 revocation, how many days will I have before I can leave US for good? — NOTE: my previous I-94 is valid until Nov-2018 
+ My wife’s EAD (valid until Nov-2018) was based on my approved I-140 and previous H-1b. I understand that EAD can be revoked by USCIS at their discretion if I-140 is revoked. Therefore, if my H-1B transfer goes through successfully and I-140 is not explicitly revoked by USCIS, will my wife be able to work on her existing EAD?

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