question about h1b visa rejection


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hi boards,


just found this place. i recently found out a friend got their h1b visa rejected.  


they are an accountant with a masters degree from the US and have been working at one of the big 4 firms who sponsored them.  still they got denied.  they are even done with 3/4ths of the cpa.


i am just starting to do my research on this and figure out if any options are available.


is there any process of appeal? for example if they were rejected for a specific reason could they remedy it and have status changed?


can they work for a nonprofit and apply for a different visa?


can they return to school temporarily and reapply to work in a year while getting another degree?


is marriage the only option? i think even that would cause a year delay in work for the green card to process, just trying to consider all options.


any advice would be greatly appreciated.


thanks in advanced. really stressing.

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