H1B visa transfer RFE on employer-employee relationship and wrong start date


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I am working for client company C - under the subcontract of Company B. My employer is company A. Company A is my new employer who filed a H1B transfer before I joined the new project. I joined on receipt and unfortunately the transfer went to RFE status. The RFE is due to 3 reasons - 


1. Right to Control: Here USCIS has asked for documents to prove that the company has right to control my employment.

2. Employer - Employee relationship between my client and employer.

3. Maintenance of status: I started the new project on 4/18. The H1B was filed on 04/02. But the immigration department of my employer gave the employment start date as 03/17 (how stupid one can be). 


how serious are these queries? My employer said these are common queries and they will


for #1 - provide my signed insurance and other employment related docs 

#2 - provide a client letter signed by my end-client

#3 - they will just provide the correct start dates.


Is it enough to provide above details or my employer need to provide more than this?


Since I have already left my previous employer, I am really worried. Any help is very much appreciated.






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