Regarding H1B approval/denial, H4 renewal, H4EAD first time, COS


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Hi Guys

I was thinking for a scenario happening with a friend.
  • Her H1B is picked in lottery, she is  waiting for its approval/denial. Her husband is filling for H1B extension-Premium and she is filling H4 extension and H4 EAD( for the first time) all three together
So how should she handle H4 filling/ H4 EAD filling and H1B. ( she don't want to compromise H1B at all but we are not sure she will end up with approval /denial ).
As with H4 EAD she can start work ASAP, if she fills H4 EAD afterwards she has to wait approximately for 6 months to get approval.. if she fills simultaneously with her husband she will get it in 15 days.
But, If H1B gets approved in the mean time, while her petition for H4 renewal and H4 EAD is send to USCIS and its also gets approved after a day or two or on the same day of H1B approval, then she will looses H1B status, as Latest COS will be H4 EAD ? 
Please let me know what will be the best way for it?


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