URGENT: Help Please - Concurrent filing for Mother done - she needs to travel to India due to emergency

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Mods / Friends,


I need your suggestions on our current situation. It's an emergency. Thank you so much in advance for your help... Here it is...



1. Mother entered USA in June 2015 on a Visitor visa valid till 2022 (she is 70 years old)

2. I have applied for her extension of stay till May 2016 (got the approval)

3. Due to change of plans I have done concurrent filing for her G.C in April (I am a USC)

4. I have received all the receipts (I-30, 485, 131, 765) with the note that they are processing. (Priority Date is 4/21/16)


Now there is a family emergency that came up and my Mother needs to visit India for about a month. She needs to travel by 2nd week of June.


What is her recourse to travel to India without abandoning her GC/AOS petition with USCIS? Can she travel and enter back into U.S on her Visit Visa without jeopardizing her GC application?


Kindly suggest? Is there a way to fast track or expedite the Advance Parole process so she can get it in 2 or 3 weeks?


Again, thanks for taking the time to read my post and responding.

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