Shared AccommodationToronto, Ontario - May 16th Visa Stamping


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Hi Eswar,


  Did you find any accommodations?


  when you booked the appointments did you directly find the appointment date you are looking for or did you wait.


Beacuse I am trying to book and it says Toronto available date is Jan3rd 2017.

Can I wait looking or should I go to another embassy like Montreal.


Could you please suggest if you know anything? can you give me your email address or phone number I can call?




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Not yet. 


Regarding the appointment, i got the date what i was looking for somehow it was available. I tried to check couple of times after i booked my appointment and was shocked to see next availability was in 2017 ( April 1 week was when i last checked). 

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Hi Eswari,


  Thanks for your reply. Looks like they are chaging everyday. Today I see Ottowa consulate open. Yesterday I see "No appointment days".


  I am planinng to watch couple of days and then book something.


  Are you still able to see dates availability even after booking your appointment. If yes, will you be able to help me finding dates?


If you can please let me know I can share my emil address and we can chat.




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Hi, i am also looking for shared accommodation for this month, but i couldn't find any dates for Toronto, it is saying Jan 2017. Could you please let me know if you find any dates for Toronto for this month and early next month? Would really appreciate it. My profile is updated with my email, please contact me through my email so, we can communicate regarding the dates. Appreciate your help!

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