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My Husband is on H1 currently. His PERM is rejected and there is case going on, based on which he has got his 7th year extension. 


1. Can he apply for COS to H4 from H1 in premiun? 

2. What happens to his H1 in case we apply for H4 until it is approved? Is it valid till H4 is approved or declined? 

3. if his H4 is rejected, will this affect his H1? will his H1 be still valid? 

4. Can he resign once we apply H4 and wait for approval? or will he be out-of status in case he resign before H4 approval? or should he wait for H4 approval before he resigns? 

5. Can H1 be transferred by company under AC21 when PERM is rejected but case is in review? 

6. I have I410 approved, Can we apply H4 and H4 EAD concurrently? can it be done in premium?




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