Unique situation - urgent help required

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Little Background

I have recently applied for renewal of my green card a month ago as my annual income for last year was less than 20K. Now my fiance' (H1B Cap exepmt, Approved I-140) job funding got slashed and he will lose his H1B job next week. We had planned for our wedding in december 2016 but with this new scenario, we are exploring other options


My questions are

1. Is it a good idea to get married now and start his F2A and simultaneously I apply for my citizenship and then upgrade his petition? For last year, we both were travelling and had a lot of health issues so our individual income is around 15h each. [i have asked for tax extension for 2015 as I was thinking of bumping up my annual income above 20K (I do teach yoga, online business etc - upto 7 k more). Is it advisable to do so?)


2. Will a friend as sponsor be red flag for both my citizenship and his green card application?


3. His I-94 is valid upto 09/2018 and his employer will not revoke his H1b petition. Is it safe for him to stay in the country (upto 6 months) while  i get my citizenship and then or simulatneously apply for his green card?


4.Is his cap exempt H1B transferable to cap H1b in the middle of the year?


5 What if he applies to student visa – he has approved i140. Would it be still be rejected even if he asks his employer to revoke his I 140?


Any response will be highly appreciated




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