H1b Transfer with 2 employers at a time , what happens


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I have valid h1b entered in us in jan 2016 and have pay stubs until april 1st week , i got offer from Company B in April 2 week , i have accepted the offer and started working for B April3 week on words and i got good offer in April 2 Week only from C , B & C both are in H1 Transfer process. So how it goes , i am now working for B and  Reciept also not yet came from B company , but want to join in C , C also started h1 transfer process. So what happen if B got receipt and C got receipt , B is doing in normal h1 transfer and C is doing in premium , so can i join C before h1 transfer happened? or once h1 receipt come from C? or H1 transfer completed by C?


Please suggest , i am kind of tensed . As of now i am working for B client . I get pay stub next week .

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