F1 Visa Stamping in Canada H4 to F1


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Hi all,


I am studying in USA. I have 4 months to graduate. I have received I797 approval for my change of visa status from H4 to F1.


1. Would it be advisable to go to Canada for My F1 Visa Stamping?


2. How much time does it usually takes to get the passport back in Vancouver, with and without RFE?


3. Could someone please share the experience and know if what visa dates are open now?



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I am currently on H4 visa and my husband is on H1 B.I would be joining school this fall 2016 to do my Masters.I would like to know the best way to change to F 1 visa as my program requires me to do an internship and a practicum.


1. Doing a change of status from H4 to F1 in US itself and the time frame.


2.Going back to India( my home country) and get my F1 stamping.


3.Going to Canada and get F 1 stamping.


I would like to know which option would be convenient,safe and faster.

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