is amendament needed for stamping,Please help ASAP.


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Hi All,

I was working in dublin CA for employer 1 with client 1, after my project is completed, I changed to employer 2 with client 2 in los angeles CA. My H1B transfer (6 months ) is approved to employer 2.Meanwhile my client 2 project is completed.So I changed project to Client 3 and moved to mountain veiw CA.All my stay on my H1 in US is within CA.

now I am going to stamping for india and I have following questions.

1) during h1 transfer to employer 2, my LCA shows i am with client 2 in los angeles CA .Do I need to file any amendament since i changed to client 3 mountain veiw CA....?

2) At visa consulate will officer ask me why my lca shows different client 2 and my client letter shows client 3.what should i answer...?

3) how will USCIS know where I am currently working...?

4) is any amendament needed if I move different projects within CA or is it needed if I move between states....?

I think I am missing something here, any help will be greatly appreciated ASAP.


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