Regarding H4 EAD.


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In October of 2015 we filed for my wife’s H4 visa and my H1-B visa ext  together in premium processing. We requested USCIS that my wife’s H4 start date would be 11/04/2015 and term date 10/30/2018 and my H1-B visa extension start date is 02/05/2016 and term date 10/30/2018. Since it was premium we got the response in 15 days. When we checked the dates on our visa we found that my wife’s H4 dates were incorrect, instead of 11/04/2015 start date they mentioned her start date to be 02/05/2016. So we sent it for correction on 10/30/2015 and we were waiting for the correction to happen soon. As days passed, my wife’s grace period was about to complete so we applied for GAP CAP on 12/31/2015. We informed USCIS that the GAP CAP dates would be start date: 01/01/2016 and term date 02/05/2016. While the CAP GAP was in processing we received dates correction which we filed on 10/30/2015 in January of 2016 with correct dates on it. So we applied for her H4 EAD with the corrected approval notice and eventually H4 EAD also got approved with effective dates of 03/11/2016 and term date of 10/30/2018. Now in April we received that the GAP CAP is also approved but the dates in it are 04/11/2016 to 10/30/2018.


Now my question is does this new GAP CAP approval notice affect my wife’s H4 EAD in any which way?


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