H4 extension pending, can I apply H4 EAD


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My H4 extension is currently pending and i94 expired on Jan10, 2016. My husbands H1b & H4 extension and H4 ead were filled in premium processing by November 2015 with VendorA. H1 got RFE and H4 extension & H4EAD got denied. Then in Feb 2016 H1B got approved with VendorB (same empolyer) in premium processing. But H4 extension was somehow missed to send along with H1 in premium. So H4 extension was filled on Jan 29 in regular and is still pending. Will there be any issues on H4 extension approval. 


My husband's I140 is approved in August 2015 and we waited for the extension to apply for H4 ead. But it seems to take another 4 to 5 months to get H4 extension. 


Can I now apply H4 EAD when H4 extension is pending. Appreciate your help on this. Thanks!

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