Stayed out of USA for 2 times(7 months and 13 months). Am I eligible for apply citizen ship


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Please help me and give guidance for filing citizenship.


GC approv dt = 07/12/2011(I was in India when It was approved. My parents sent it by mail)

Came to US  = 02/23/2012(out of US 7 months)

Return to Ind = 03/25/2012(stayed in US 1 Month)

Came to US  = 01/20/2013(out of US 10 months)

from 01/20/2013, I have been in US= (39 Months continuously in US as of today)


Am I eligible to apply citizenship?


If any one help me and give good suggestion, that would be appreciated.







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I think you will be eligible only in July 2016, when you will have completed 60 months of continuous presence.

However since there is a 10 months gap in 2013, please make sure if you have not broken the continuous presence and that the clock is set forward to 2013, before you apply.

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Just I would like to make sure and to be more accurate,


My friends says, you stayed out side US for 2 times, first time more than 6 months continuously and second time more than a year continuously . both are more than 6 months periods. They says you have to wait for this 18 months duration  also for filling. I forgot to tell you before ,I went to India one time for 5 weeks and another time for 4 weeks in the last 39 months duration.


So please advise Am I eligible for filling?

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