H1B Stamping Ottawa - Sharing details


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Hi All, 

Just wanted to share the details regarding the Visa Stamping in Ottawa . Some of the Details that may help others . Also thanks for the forum I was able to find some one else for same day appointment so we shared the Hotel and travel cost ( That was a BIG Help) 


1) Visa Appointment Apr 19th - 10:30 Slot 

     Apr 20 - Got email that passport has been dispatched 

     Apr 21 - expecting to collect from post office


2) I Takes about 1 Hr for your turn to come after security check since some of the people come unprepared and consumes lot of time  


3) You can carry cellphones and Keys , they will keep in the locker 


4) Try avoiding carrying very big document organizers as they may reject the same 


5) Be prepared to stand for long time as they now don't call the names rather have people stand in line and wait 


6) Visa Questions - Total 1 1/2 Min 

     Who is your employer

      What do you do for them 

      How big is the company 

      Who are the clients 

      Do you have Client Letter  - Very Important to have 


7)   Choose hotels on Rideau Street since they are walking distance from US Consulate and Canada Post at 59 Sparks street  



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