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Hello all,


I am a reentering student and I was interviewed in Canada almost 5 weeks ago. At the day of interview I was given a blue slip and I was told by the interviewer that my case needs processing. They kept my passport and told me they will email me updates. 


The same day they emailed me that my case needs administrative processing and it may take up to 60 days. Since I wanted to leave Canada and travel back home I emailed them and asked them to let me come and pick up my passport. The embassy replied and I picked up my passport and traveled back home.


After 4 weeks I emailed the embassy to get some updates, they replied that my application is still pending and undergoes admin processing.


I was trying to check the status of my visa using this website, its weird because the case creation date is 5 days before my interview date! And the status update date is 3 weeks after my interview date (it still says administrative processing). 


I called the department of state and asked for updates. I was told that my case was created at the interview date and it is not updated after that. The operator also told me my case is still at the embassy in Canada and it was not sent to the US for clearance check. 


I need to get back to school and I am very much worried. Is there any chance that the embassy forgot to send my application to the US for clearance? At this point, is there anything I can do?


I really appreciate any help!

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