H4 initiation and portability


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I am a H1B holder and I'm right in the middle of my switch to work with a new employer. (I've got my new petition approved and extension processed by my new employer but I haven't joined them yet.)


I'd like to initiate the H4 Visa for my spouse, but I'd like to do so with my current employer if I can. At this time, my current employer doesn't know about me quitting, so having them initiate a H4 for my spouse and getting it done won't be a problem.


However, I'm planning to have my spouse travel after I start my work with the new employer in the new location. Here are some of the questions I have under these circumstances:


  1. Will my spouse have any problems traveling with the passport showing the Visa stamped with the current employer? Would they require anything else like say a letter from my new employer stating that I've started working with them?
  2. What if my current employer terminates the H1 Visa that I have with them? Will the H4 that I'm planning to obtain hold good still? I assume it is, but I'd like to confirm.
  3. What about the H4 transfer process? Is there one similar to the H1 transfer process that I was subject to when I completed the move?

All assistance appreciated.

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