Completed 5 Years in Green Card, Need to Travel to India 1.5 Yrs


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need help and advise to see what are my options in terms of maintaining the Green Card Status.


My wife has completed her 5 Years Green Card Status ( Have not applied for Citizenship yet). She need to travel and be outside of USA for more than 1 Yr ( 1.3 Yrs to be precise). What are my options ( not planning to travel back to USA until August 2017). 



 - Any extension need to be applied ?


She plans to leave from USA in the next 3 weeks.



Immediate help and advise is very much appreciated.





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She would need a reentry permit.  Otherwise, a stay abroad of over a year would invalidate the GC.

She has to stay in the US at least for the biometrics for the reentry permit, but she doesn't need to wait for the approval. The approved reentry permit can be sent by USCIS to a consulate abroad.

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