Dismissed DV case, h1 visa stamping


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Me and my wife has some argument around 5 years back in 2011. It was loud and my neighbors called the police. My wife was crying when the police came, i was arrested and released on the same night. I went for anger management counselling and the court dismissed it. 


I am now back in india, i have to go for visa stamping. Please advise what is the impact. I am aware that i will not be lying to dhs.


I have the court certified document which says that my case is dismissed, police record and expungement letter also. 


anybody with experience , please help.

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I know someone  via this forum only,who is recently in this kind of situation, but his case was dismissed without any anger management etc,he is not even charged or prosecuted. Even I am in same situation and my incident was very recent,I was charged ,prosecuted and it was dismissed without anger management, I am in U.S now but I know I have to face your situation, one day in future.As per the information other guy, who went for stamping in Mumbai , I came to know that he was given 221g at his first interview and called again in 10 days for second interview and asked to go for doctor evaluation - Blood & psychological test.He is awaiting her stamping now.I suppose he should be fine. But for your case , carry court dismissal document and explain briefly case,don't give any extra info.You can expect 221g ,and may be asked to go for  doctor evaluation too and expect at least 30 days to get stamping done.I have also meet a very experienced Immigration lawyer in US, She suggested me just carry only court dismissal ,not to worry as long case is dismissed .But I think USCIS has a standard procedure to handle a DV arrest and you have to go thru it.All the best.Please update your experience without fail,it will help others who landed in unfortunate situations like you.

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I am not sure of exact duration - but he was called for 2nd interview after 2 weeks from first.then he gave medical test then they asked him to drop the passport after 5 days.he is still waiting now.No they will not inform employer, employer will not know unless you tell it or if they ask you detail response for delay in stamping.

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I am the other guy. Thanks for the intro deep4228

Venkii, your case should be fine since you have been through the case and got it dismissed. But they may do FBI background on u, that takes 3-4 days Do not lie on DS-160. Expect 221g for sure or a medical examination. There is a clause which states that if you have any physical or mental disorder associated with harmful behavior, you are ineligible to receive visa as you become "inadmissible" on medical grounds even if not charged/prosecuted.

It's been 2 business days since I submitted my passport, status date changed on both days, but remains in AP.

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