Travel to India on Pending H1-B


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Hello All, 


I have valid EAD/AP and on I am on my 10th year of H1B. My H1-B expired Dec 2015.


My company filed H1-B extension 8 months back. The H1-B was not approved and since I had to travel to India, my company applied for premium processing 2 weeks back. We got an RFE last week, to which we also sent a reply. So my H1-B approval is still pending.


I am planning for a travel out of US. 


Would it be okay to travel when the H1-B renewal is pending and can I enter the US using AP?


Also, when I am in India, if my H1-B gets approved, will I be able to use that H1-B after I return?


Please advice. Really appreciate your help.

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