H1B transfer without paystubs


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I had my H1B stamping through company A in october 2015. I traveled to US at the end of december. Since then I have been looking for client through company A but i didn't got anything.


But company didn't paid me all through these months. He said he will onboard(join) me only after I found a client.


Finally he onboarded me on 1st of April. Till now he did not generated any paystubs for me. Now I got an offer from a very good company who are willing to transfer my visa. They say they dont need any paystubs for my H1B transfer.


Is it possible to transfer H1B without any paystubs?

If my H1B transfer is rejected, will my current H1B gets canceled or affected?

How can proceed with this so that transfer happens smoothly.


I have been without a pay since november and I am now desperate to break this cycle. Please advice me.


Thanks in advance.

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First, how did you even entered into US without a job?

Second,how did that FRAUD employer filed your H1 without a job?

Third,who paid for your H1?


It's clear that your employer is a FRAUD, you need to get paid every month on H1. Currently you're out of status for not getting paid, and this will cause you many issues in future


File a complaint against that FRAUD employer, this is the ONLY solution you have. If not, say goodbye to US.

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On H1, you have to get paid ALL THE TIME, even on bench without a project. That's the law, and the employer knows it.

It is the employer's task to find you a client.

File a complaint with DOL on form WH4. The DOL will make the employer pay you.

And a pending WH4 allows you to transfer the H1. without that, a transfer is not possible.

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