H4 visa stamping


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 My wife has h4 visa interview in 2 days. Please find my case details


My case details:

I was here in US for 5+ years. recently I went to India got H1 stamped and came to US on H1. By the time, i came to US, I lost my job at client's place but my employer provided immediate job on internal project. after 2 days of my arrival to US, Immigration officer site visit happened, my employer showed that I'm working on internal project & filed my new LCA (which is true)). Now my wife is going for H4 visa stamping.


1. Does my wife require my H1 amendment petition ?  OR    my OLD H1 copy with LATEST LCA ?

2. When amendment happens will I get new I-129 form ?    OR can i use OLD I-129 ?


What are the documents required for my wife to carry for H4 stamping.


Thank you.

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