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I moved to US in May 2011 on L1B. Got the L1B Extension in Apr 2014 which expires in May 2016.

I just got my L1A Conversion which will be valid till Feb 2018.

I was a Team Lead in India before i moved to US in 2011 for around 10 - 11 months. I got my L1A approval based on the same.

Question: Am i eligible for EB1? My Company will usually do EB2 unless i have strong recommendation from my Supervisor. I want to check legally if i am eligible for EB1 category, so that i can request my Supervisor (He will do only if it is legally permitted).




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It will be best to contact a immigration attorney and get it clarified. You manager will not take word from a forum.


as per my opinion Team Lead is not a senior enough position to be qualified for EB1. Think about this, if you were qualified for L1A then your company should have filed for L1A in 2011 itself. You got lucky with L1A conversion, getting EB1 will be like milking it further.


Contact immigration attorney.

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