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Hi, I applied for MTR and my OPT is approved last week but meanwhile during 60 grace period I enrolled in school for second masters because I wasn't sure how long it might take and wanted to make use of time. I would like to with draw from this semester as I received OPT-EAD but my DSO says to continue this semester. Can I be a full time student while on OPT ? Also, I would like to withdraw as I have an offer in my hand will that fine or should I still continue this semester and later take OPT ?

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When did u apply for MTR? How much time it's take? I'm planing to enroll school too. Why they they denied first ur OPT?

I applied in Feb, it took exactly two months. My OPT is denied due to DSO mistakenly put my CPT exceeded 12 months but I proofed them that actually my CPT was 10 months. 

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Hi, My initial got denied and filed I290B MTR. please let me know how long it will take for the decision on MTR. The following is my scenario

1. I Got visa on A univ and did initial transfer to B univ with in 30 days of initial admission to usa.

2. I applied for Opt and got and an RFE on Initial transfer. I have traveled to India couple of times during masters.

3. Approached a lawyer, he unnecessarily applied  I539 reinstatement along with RFE and also said that I am technically out of status. He did not defend about my status and also my initial transfer with in 30 days as per sevis guideline.

4. Finally got denial notice due to attorney Effectiveness. Then I approached a different lawyer and filed MTR on 16th NOV with proper evidences and letters from universities about my initial transfer and enrollment as a full time students, travel history. Also mention about Non necessity of I539 as I maintained proper status.

5. Chances for MTR approval.

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