Booked for DUI USCIS asking for court disposition of Arrest before a deadline


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I am an Indian student , I am currently on F-1 Visa, just completed my masters degree and am already working full time for an empployer. I am on OPT which ends on May 19th 2106.

I was booked for DUI on Feb 14th 2016, I applied for OPT STEM extension in on Feb 16th,

I also received an email from Chennai consulate telling my Visa was revoked.

I received a letter from USCIS  today asking for the following documents.

 1) A statement from the designated school official(DSO) attesting that you are in lawful F-1 status and that you have not violated your F1-Status

2) A court Disposition of the Arrest on February 14, 2016.


these should be submitted before  July 1st 2016


I have two questions here,  I thought DUI will not affect my F1-status am I right? my DSO would be able to give that to me?

and second, my court arraignment date was April 7th, next court date is set for May12th. My Criminal attorney told my I wont be able to get disposition of Arrest till case ends which might take till July or August and may be still later.

What documents should I send USCIS now?


Please help me,

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