h1b denial notice after rfe reason not known

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In 2009 I had applied for h1b I received a RFE ( I had no clue what was going on that point)
I gave the documents that my consultant asked for but got a denial mail which said the reason for denial has been sent.

I never got the reason for denial (I understand it might be sent to the consultant or the attorney who filed it) and the consultant who filed my visa does not exist anymore.
(I have the case number with me)
Is there any way to get the reason for denial. If there is a way I would like to do it, if it means I need to hire an attorney It would be fine with me.

I was kind of naive and disinterested due to some personal reasons to understand at that meant at that point, but I feel I have clean records would like to see what was the reason.


Can someone reply please.

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