H1B, Planning to marry a GC holder

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Hello there,

I am currently on H1B and still got 3.5 years left on my H1B. My girl friend's family is settled in US and their family members are all on EAD. My girlfriend is also on EAD. Their GC is expected in few months down the line as per the current processing dates. Possibly in the time frame of 6 months from now.

Please let me know my options:

1) Do I apply for GC right away along with my Girlfriend, who is anticipating her family based GC? We are planning to marry in DEC. I'm not sure, if marriage is a roadblock for her GC.

2) Should I wait till my girlfriend gets her GC and then she apply for my GC? I do not know what I-130 means, People kept saying about I-130 in the forums. Apologies for my ignorance.

I want to know the fastest route to get the GC.

Generally, if I apply for I-130, will I get EAD to work in US till I get my GC? (Somewhere in the forum, I read that, a GC holder can apply I-130 for spouses. They also said, it takes three years to get the GC in this route. But no one said anything about the EAD. In the three year wait period, can I get EAD, so that I can stay and work in USA?)

Please let me know my options and the best possible approach to get GC.

Appreciate your help.

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