PERM PW issues


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I started the green card process with my company starting in 2015 (who are rady to do anything for me) and is currently in limbo


i first finalized a job desc and we did a prevailing wage. The PW came back a lot higher. After some long debate, the company decided to do this increase for me. at the same time, i also figured out with my HR that the lawyers were filing me under EB3 (I have a masters and i can go for an EB2). So we stopped and restarted.


Now we restarted the process and now with the new JD under EB2 & the lawyers are saying the PW is going to be much higher on top of the increased amount. My HR is ready to give the commitment that they will eventually pay me the JD (which is several years away and i will get to that amount anyway). But the lawyers are saying the increase has to happen now because they have to do an H1B amendment since we are proving that the job is different for EB2).


The lawyers are trying to find alternate surveys and all fo them are coming higher. Frankly I dont want to the second increase and it is tough for my HR to go to my company head to ask for a second increase. i just want the EB2 filing.


What are my options here?


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