Regarding RFE on I-94 and I-797


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Dear Team,

Need your advice on my case:

I'm on H1-B Visa.
My I-797 & I-94 expired on 16-Jan-2016.
The extension was filed way back in July 2015. 
I received an RFE on 17-Mar-2016. RFE is to send all copies of I-797 and I-94.

My company is preparing the response and would be sending them in a week.

Another point is: Both my spouse and I had been to India from 29-Jul 2015 to 11-Aug-2015, after the extension was filed. So when the extension was filed in July 2015, it was with the old I-94. We then traveled to India and received a new i-94 on arrival. So we have 2 i-94s each.

My questions are: 
1. Will the above lead to rejection of I-797 extension? 
2. Will i-94 extension be approved (since there are 2 i-94s for both of us, and USCIS has the old i-94 details on the I-129 form)? 

3. Due to traveling outside US during extension, will it cause any problem?
4. Or any other implications that you may see? 
5. Do you advice to proceed with Premium processing, as it has already been almost 3 months since I-94 has expired? 

I'm more worried now since an RFE has been raised to submit i-94 and i-797.

Thanks in advance for your response.

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